Are you getting the most out of your digital tools?

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Technology has become an integral part of how businesses operate. Today, law firms have a host of digital tools ranging from document management to time and billing management systems. Firms have made significant investments of time and money into these tools, and these systems have become a part of their day-to-day operations and culture.

But the truth is that most firms are not getting the most out of the digital tools they have in place. Whether it is not fully understanding the technology already in place and how your staff uses those tools or a lack of training infrastructure in a work from anywhere environment, many firms fail to leverage their current digital tools and technology investments fully.

Evaluate your digital tools and how you use them

Firms should first investigate and audit their existing digital tools to determine how they utilize them to maximize productivity using the technology in which they have already invested. That evaluation should also include how those tools integrate or work together across workflows and how this cross-functionality and integration can be improved to support more efficient operations. Firms that take the time to fully understand the features and integration capabilities of their existing investments in technology will benefit significantly in terms of their operational efficiencies and workflows. These evaluations offer valuable insights into gaps in integration or functionality and where the firm can make improvements. 


Training is key

The shift to a remote environment with staff working from anywhere comes with the challenge of how to properly train staff. In many cases, training is one of the first things to be minimized in the shift to remote work, as firms struggle with training in a remote environment. Ongoing training for your staff helps them more fully utilize the tools they already have, leading to increased productivity and improved collaboration and efficiency. Educating your staff on the full functionality of your digital tools also helps them better understand how to use them in their daily workflow, leading to more streamlined processes. Ongoing education on how to use the digital tools you already have in place also demonstrates the value of those tools, leading to increased buy-in when new tools or processes are introduced.  

At Worldox, we believe in providing our clients with resources to understand the digital environment legal has accelerated into. That’s why we created our recurring Legal Technology Webinars series, to provide information, education, and insights for our users to propel their digital infrastructure. To learn more, visit our website archive.

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