Why Worldox?

Moving Beyond Basic Document Management

Worldox offers cradle-to-grave management of every form of information that can be saved as a file. Moreover, it can integrate with virtually any other system that generates the data your organization relies upon, and offers virtually unlimited customization capabilities.

Many products only manage document files considered to be directly relevant to their own functions – such as billing or docketing – and ignore everything else. They might, for instance, be incapable of managing email. If you want to bring together all the documents associated with a project, client relationship, or legal matter, that’s a glaring omission.

File type limitations like these will become even more troublesome as your organization evolves, and increasingly requires convenient access to more types of information, such as voicemail records or video content.

Some products offer excellent collaboration capabilities. However, they do virtually nothing to control where or how users store their documents. Users can create folders virtually at will; they are not required to fill out profiles for each document; if document metadata does exist, it is not validated for accuracy and consistency. As a result, you do not gain the business benefits of document management. You can’t easily and confidently find, manage, or reuse the information you’ve paid to create.

With Worldox, you can control, organize, and manage all your information coherently, and your people can access whatever content they need, whenever they need it, no matter where or how that content was created. Moreover, when new business challenges arise – such as compliance and document retention – you already have the document management tools you need to respond.


  • Wasting time and staff resources on endless “document quests”
  • Struggling to make one team member’s documents available to another
  • Recreating important content because you can’t find it
  • Fixing problems caused by overlooking crucial information in files or email messages
  • Opening documents simply to understand what they contain
  • Struggling to interpret obscure file names or to understand which client a document is associated with
  • Losing documents because they’re not labeled consistently or physically stored together
  • Misplacing important email correspondence
  • Navigating multiple applications, drives, and folders simply to view all the content associated with a project, client, or matter

Simply put, Worldox delivers true, all-encompassing document management that doesn’t just promise powerful efficiency, but actually achieves it.

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