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Legal Technology Webinar Series

Introducing our Legal Technology Webinar Series.

In June of 2020, Worldox launched a series of webinars designed to publicize some of our partner relationships.

The Worldox software is an integral part of a firm’s workflow, managing and organizing the files people use every day, making it easy to find what you need very quickly. However, the addition of our Business Partners’ products makes our combined offering even more compelling.

We embarked on this webinar series to showcase what we can do together to provide a seamless and efficient way to work from anywhere.

Worldox Technology Series: Bundledocs

Bundledocs powerful document building application effortlessly produces high quality professional briefs, reports or document bundles in minutes. Our seamless integration with Worldox uploads files directly into your brief or document bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs will take care of the rest…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Hubshare

Hubshare is a powerful Extranet/Intranet Portal Platform that enables collaboration and secure integrated Document Management Software file sharing; it allows professionals to communicate more effectively and more efficiently with clients and colleagues. Join Greg Nicholls, Solutions Consultant, and Nancy DaCorsi,…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Clio + Worldox Integration – GDSI

Clio + Worldox Integration Insights: Experience a Demo GDSI has built the very first integration between Clio and Worldox, utilizing the new Worldox APIs! The two functions of this integration consist of seamless synchronization of Client and Matter values from…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: DocStyle

DocStyle is an intelligent solution for creating, automating and managing Styles within Microsoft Word.  Documents aren’t always received as Word files though, and all too often show up as a PDF.  Legal specific PDF files can be converted cleanly by…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Orrios OnTrack

Streamline and simplify information security and data privacy compliance with OnTrack.® Information Security for Law Firms: A Case Study in Protecting Clients, Collaboration, and Communication Law firms have officially become the favorite target of hackers. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: inMailX

‘Unleash the Power of Worldox with inMailX’ Discover how inMailX empowers Worldox users to easily and quickly file emails and attachments into single or multiple matter workspaces through a simple interface and intuitive workflows. Our customers say that inMailX simplifies…

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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: LawBase

LawBase is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use case and matter management system designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your law office. LawBase is used by thousands of law office personnel across the country, ranging from solo practitioners to…

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Remote Solutions for Worldox: AdaptiveSky

AdaptiveSky is a super-fast, super-secure, super-charged, private cloud network that is always on and always available. The AdaptiveSky desktop provides and makes accessible all of a law firm’s legal applications and data. No matter where an attorney is or what…

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Remote Solutions for Worldox: BMC Networks, Inc.

BMC Networks is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions and managed services for law firms, including Microsoft Azure, private cloud and on-premises systems. Baker+Cadence Solutions provides industry-leading legal software implementation and training and is a Worldox Certified Reseller. Join…

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Remote Solutions for Worldox: MindShift

MindShift. Take advantage of the advanced tools and scalable infrastructure of the public cloud. Keep control of key systems with your own private cloud. Or, do both with a custom-designed hybrid cloud. Join Michael Ubaldini, Director, Legal Services and Frank…

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