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Everything about Worldox has been easy – no kidding! From deployment and integration through user training and server management. No hidden costs, no unnecessary architectural or technical complexity, and no nonsense.

Architected for simplicity

In contrast to many competitive solutions, Worldox contains no hidden technical costs that drive up ownership costs. Worldox has been architected from the ground up for simplicity. It is designed to run well on existing infrastructure, without introducing unnecessary complexity.

Exceptionally scalable

Worldox runs exceptionally well even in organizations with more than 1,000 seats. It also routinely serves organizations with multiple locations. Worldox’s remarkable scalability is no accident: it is a function of design. Moreover, Worldox’s search and retrieval capabilities are provided by the industrial-strength ISYS search engine, a product that has been deployed in mission-critical applications by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Worldox incremental implementation methodology allows companies to get started using Worldox in as little as a few days, and begin driving business value almost immediately.

Minimal training and easy support

From the ground up, Worldox has been designed to be easy to learn. Worldox isn’t just intuitive: it builds on Windows’ file management techniques, so users won’t need to learn an entirely new approach to finding files. And, since Worldox software has a proven record of reliability, support is extremely easy to manage.

Simple, straightforward integration with existing infrastructure

Worldox works smoothly with a wide range of products, ranging from Time Matters and Junxure to Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. Worldox Connectors provide customized links to products like Elite, and Worldox’s API allows you to quickly and easily craft your own connections and workflows.

Worldox customers with active service contracts have received all new releases of the Worldox product at no cost. Not just service packs, but major releases, as well.

Unlike many competitive products, Worldox contains built-in search database technology, and does not require the deployment of a separate enterprise-class database. As a result, you will not face the risk of being required to change or upgrade database engines in order to upgrade Worldox.

In the wake of industry consolidation, many companies with existing document management systems are facing expensive migrations. Transitioning instead to Worldox can deliver far more value.

Worldox and its resellers have helped hundreds of organizations migrate from products – often, at far lower cost than an upgrade would entail. Worldox and its resellers have developed an extensive toolset for streamlining migration and preserving metadata. Cutover typically can occur over a weekend, with minimal training required for experienced document management users.


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