Document management software defined by superior performance, reliability, & simplicity

Since 1988, World Software Corporation has set the standard in the evolving field of document management software, delivering the most reliable, full-featured, cost-effective, and easy-to-use systems available.

Law firms, financial services companies, corporate legal departments, and many other organizations have relied on Worldox to:

  • Bring order out of chaos, preventing crucial documents from being mishandled or lost
  • Improve overall organizational efficiency, and allow professionals to focus on high-value tasks, not searching for documents
  • Drive more value from their intellectual property
  • Respond more rapidly to new challenges and opportunities

A customer-first approach and vision for the future

In October 2022, NetDocuments, the most trusted cloud platform where legal professionals do their best work, announced it had acquired Worldox as leadership from both organizations identified a customer-first approach and vision for the future as key synergies that will align customers for success as they move to future-proof their firms with the leading cloud DMS in the industry. Learn more about NetDocuments’ focus on solutions that inspire productivity.

Better together

Between NetDocuments and Worldox, more than 7,000 organizations of all sizes rely on our services for secure, organized document and email management. Our teams and knowledge are better together, and we’re excited for what the future has in store.

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