Office Administrators

As the one who has to make document management work in your organization, you need a product that will make it easy for you.

Stop wasting expensive time searching for documents, emails, and files

Your professionals are spending too much time searching for the right document. With a powerful document management system, you can give them instant, organized, and complete access to all the relevant information they need. For example:

  • Lawyers can view all the documents, emails, and other files associated with any matter.
  • Financial services professionals can organize all the information associated with designing and valuing an alternative investment.
  • HR managers can pull together all the documents associated with an individual employee, from vacation request forms to supervisor reviews.

Whatever their responsibilities, your people can be enabled to answer questions more rapidly, craft more effective documents, and make better decisions.

Instead of wasting time and money “reinventing the wheel,” make it easier for users to find, reuse, and adapt the content you’ve already paid to create, such as legal language, sales and proposal language, image files, spreadsheets, and more.

Safeguard the security of your documents

Your confidential data requires highly granular security that enables you to specify access rights to documents to individual users or groups of users, or to mark specific documents as hidden or read-only.

Your DMS should integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, supporting your organization’s overall security mechanisms, and preventing users from gaining unauthorized access to documents through “back doors” across the network.

Take advantage of comprehensive built-in auditing to track virtually every activity related to a document: open, modify, save, check in, check out, copy, and more.

Organizations are increasingly choosing to move to the NetDocuments cloud-first, cloud-only content management platform where you can secure, organize, automate, and collaborate on everything that matters to your work.

See if NetDocuments is the right move for you.
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