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I’m the one who has to make document management work in this organization. With Worldox, that’s a whole lot easier. This product does what we need it to do – reliably, easily, and without aggravation – oh and yes, now I leave by 5 p.m.

Stop wasting expensive time searching for documents, emails, and files

Your professionals are spending too much time searching for the right document. With Worldox, you can give them instant, organized, and complete access to all the relevant information they need, wherever it was created or stored, and whatever file format it uses – even emails, voice mails and more. For instance…

  • Attorneys can view all the documents, emails, and other files associated with any matter.
  • Financial services professionals can organize all the information associated with designing and valuing an alternative investment.
  • HR managers can pull together all the documents associated with an individual employee, from vacation request forms to supervisor reviews.

Whatever their responsibilities, your people answer questions more rapidly, craft more effective documents, and make better decisions.

Instead of wasting time and money “reinventing the wheel,” Worldox makes it easier for users to reuse and adapt the content you’ve already paid to create. Using Worldox, it’s easier to retrieve and reutilize existing document formats, legal language, sales and proposal language, image files, spreadsheets, documentation…

Safeguard the security of your documents

  1. It offers highly granular security, enabling you to provide rights to documents to individual users or groups of users, or to mark specific documents as hidden or read-only.
  2. It integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, supporting your organization’s overall security mechanisms, and preventing users from gaining unauthorized access to documents through “back doors” across the network.
  3. It provides comprehensive built-in auditing to track virtually every activity related to a document: open, modify, save, check in, check out, copy, and more.

Worldox integrates smoothly with Windows’ built-in file management tools, and the other software you already know well, from Microsoft Office and Exchange to time trackers, Adobe Acrobat to client information managers. Your people will be instantly comfortable with the interface. Training is quick: users master the software quickly, and report that they actually like it. Since the software is actually being used – not being ignored or evaded – you actually get the value you’re paying for.

The Worldox product reflects over 35 years of experience and evolution. It is robust, reliable, architected for simple administration, and exceptionally well-supported. As a Worldox customer, you have access to a U.S.-based support organization with an exceptional personal commitment to your success. You benefit from a large worldwide community of resellers, developers, and users sharing new Worldox tools, extensions, tips, and techniques. It all adds up to this: with Worldox, you can rapidly get support when you need it – and your users need less support in the first place.

You can’t predict the future, but with Worldox, you can be ready for it. Because Worldox can handle any file format, it can potentially manage whatever new types of information your organization comes to depend upon – from saved voicemail files to video content. Worldox is proven to scale to more than 1,000 users and multiple locations. Worldox offers unsurpassed customization capabilities, including interface customizations that allow individual users to improve their personal productivity within guidelines you enforce.

Finally, Worldox’s no charge upgrade policy dramatically reduces your risk. In recent years, Worldox customers have gained no-cost access to powerful new capabilities ranging from email management to document retention.

Some document management systems demand extensive training, highly-complex IT infrastructure, and deep technical and administrative skills. This can dramatically increase your long-term cost of ownership – and those costs may be hidden until it’s too late. Worldox is different. Worldox has never believed in “technology for its own sake”: our products have always been architected and engineered for simple implementation and simple administration.


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