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“Among the dozens of document management systems BLI has evaluated, not one delivers as wide a variety of features tailored for the legal market as Worldox GX4.”

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Worldox is a comprehensive document management platform with cloud and on-premises solutions for the legal market. Worldox is the easiest, fastest way to give your people the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are.


Worldox Cloud uses a patent-pending communications platform to seamlessly connect cloud servers hosting the Worldox application and all Worldox- managed documents to local applications. Our cloud DMS allows users to see their familiar desktops, not separate, self-contained environments.


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Unlimited flexibility and easy integration with your existing infrastructure. No other document management system is as easy to customize, extend or integrate. Worldox provides a full range of solutions for integrating with your other business systems, including Worldox Connectors, the Worldox API and a wide spectrum of third-party solutions from our worldwide reseller community.

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