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Worldox didn’t just cost less: it started delivering bottom-line savings in just weeks. But saving money was just the beginning. With Worldox, we get more done. We do it better. And, get this: our people actually like Worldox.

Get the results you need, without spending a bundle

Some enterprise document management systems require huge upfront investments and onerous ongoing costs for technology, support, and administration. Compare, and you’ll find Worldox far more cost effective in all these areas. But you won’t sacrifice functionality, performance, or growth with Worldox. As customers ranging from Toyota to NASA have discovered, Worldox can deliver results in any environment, no matter how demanding.

Bring consistency and order to all your documents

Worldox is the easiest way to take control of your organization’s documents, making sure people can consistently get the information they need, while you manage crucial issues ranging from compliance to document retention. With Worldox, your people can instantly see all the information that’s relevant to a matter, a client, or anything else: Word documents, emails, scanned images, potentially anything with a file name.

Using Worldox, it’s easier to retrieve and reuse existing document formats, legal language, sales and proposal language, image files, spreadsheets, documentation, anything that goes into creating documents.

Start easily and non-disruptively

You don’t have to code your entire library of existing documents to get started with Worldox. You can work incrementally, quickly entering information on new documents and projects. And when we say “quickly,” we mean it: whether you’re sending an email or scanning a letter, Worldox’s exclusive Quick Profiles make it easier and faster than ever to enter the information needed to track your files and documents.

Gain user buy-in without a battle

Worldox is simple, and it builds on the skills your users already have, reducing your training costs. Users don’t just find Worldox intuitive: they actually like using it. That means you won’t have to fight with them to adopt it – and it means that your documents will move into your document management system more rapidly. Your teams will be able to start finding documents with Worldox sooner – and you’ll start reducing your document management costs sooner, as well.

Leverage a global community of expert users

With Worldox products in place in more than 5,000 organizations, there is an extensive community of Worldox experts – and an extensive array of Worldox tips, tricks, solutions, and third-party products to draw upon in addressing your unique challenges.


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