Business Managers

With document and email management, you can get more done. And do it better. With a tool people actually like using.

Bring consistency and order to all your documents

A powerful document management system (DMS) is the easiest way to take control of your organization’s documents, making sure people can consistently get the information they need, while you manage crucial issues ranging from compliance to document retention. Make sure your people can instantly see all the information that’s relevant to a matter, a client, or anything else: Word documents, emails, scanned images, potentially anything with a file name.

Start easily and non-disruptively

An intuitive user experience makes it easy to start immediately using your DMS with minimal training. And people will like that they can more easily retrieve and reuse existing document formats, legal language, sales and proposal language, image files, spreadsheets, documentation, anything that goes into creating documents.

Gain user buy-in without a battle

Our DMS is simple but effective, and it builds on the skills your users already have, reducing your training costs. Users don’t just find the tool intuitive: they actually like using it. That means you won’t have to fight with them to adopt it – and that means your documents will move into your document management system more rapidly. Your teams will be able to start finding documents sooner.

Organizations are increasingly choosing the NetDocuments cloud-first, cloud-only DMS where you can secure, organize, automate, and collaborate on everything that matters to your work.

See if NetDocuments is the right move for you.
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