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Worldox Announces Its Latest Release – Worldox GX4 Update 14 – at ILTACON 2018

National Harbor, MD  –  August 17, 2018 –  World Software Corporation®, the makers of Worldox®, the award-winning document and email management solution, announces Worldox GX4 Update 14 at ILTACON 2018.

Worldox GX4 Update 14 is a major upgrade and will provide many additional mobility and productivity features that add great value to your Worldox investment.

Update 14 release includes the new Worldox Web 3.0, productivity tools Task and Notify, as well as a new, more powerful email engine.

Worldox Web 3.0 comes with a fully redesigned Web Server Engine and User Interface.  It now includes Soft Popup integration for Browsers!  File>Open and File>Save bring up the Worldox Web 3.0 interface.  New right-click menus have been added as well as the ability to create and manage Projects.

The new, more powerful email engine will enable users to create Outlook Folders and link them to Worldox matters to copy or move messages. Filing email messages from Mobile Devices and Outlook Web App is now supported.   All processing occurs on the Exchange server to increase performance at the desktop and our PST File Crawler will background file large data sets into Worldox. Predictive filing client and matter recommendations will now be exposed in the Outlook message list and a Global Flag indicates when anyone has filed a message.

Worldox productivity tools Task and Notify are now built in.  With Task Microsoft® Outlook Tasks can easily be create from Worldox documents in the file list for important deadline reminders.  Notify enables the set up of notifications based on audit trail events that can be based on any document metadata!

Visit the Worldox booth 710/712 or attend one of our demo room sessions (Camellia 3) at ILTACON 2018 for a first-hand look.

About World Software Corporation
Founded in 1988 and based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. The company’s flagship product Worldox has an install base of over 6000 companies in 52 countries. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visit https://www.worldox.com, call 800-962-6360 or email sales@worldox.com . Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @worldox. World Software Corporation® and Worldox® are registered trademarks of World Software Corporation. All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.

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The Changing Legal Landscape for IT Professionals

The Legal industry has reached a crossroads. Changes in the economy, client demands and technology are driving some of this change and the ability for firms to adapt to these changes may determine their survival. Clients are demanding lower costs, efficiency, increased security along with greater accountability.


Worldox Expands Globally with Reseller-Driven Sales Activity Growing in EMEA, South America, Canada and Australia

ABA TECHSHOW CHICAGO – March 6, 2018 – Worldox® (www.worldox.com) continues its expansion in the global document management system (DMS) market, reporting abundant sales activity in emerging technology markets such as Northern Africa, South America, and the Middle East.  Also, Worldox continues to drive business internationally in Canada and Australia. This international activity is primarily driven by Worldox’s vast international channel of resellers and systems integrators who are aggressively marketing both the desktop and cloud/SaaS versions of Worldox.

Worldox president Ray Zwiefelhofer says:  “Worldox already has an install base of more than 6,000 customers in 52 countries and we are encouraging our resellers to break new ground in untapped markets.  With both the desktop and cloud versions available, Worldox is increasingly becoming more widespread in business, both at law firms and other companies.  Since Worldox’s document management technology brings productivity and efficiency for any type of organization, we see unlimited potential for capturing more market share.”

According to Mike Dewdney, CEO of LexCloud.ca: “Working with Worldox as the exclusive Canadian host of Worldox Cloud Canada has been a great complement to our Private Cloud offering for law firms, allowing our clients to have cost-effective, secure document management in the cloud.  This is a powerful combination along with the traditional Worldox implementations that we’ve recently done for leading Canadian law firms such as SorbaraLaw and Warren Sinclair LLP.”

Egypt-based Ahmad Awad, Owner & Legal Technology Consultant of EMedia remarks: “EMedia is excited to be partnering with World Software to offer Worldox in Egypt and the Middle East.  We recently implemented Worldox for Matouk Bassiouny in Cairo and have many other prospects considering purchase in Northern Africa and the Middle East.”

Australia firm Rees R & Sydney Jones recently bought and implemented Worldox.  Tony Vaughan, the firm’s general manager, notes:  “Worldox has enabled us to move completely into the ‘Paperless Office’.”

Alfredo Reategui, head of Lima-based Pronet S.A.C., comments:  “Our Worldox sales in South America have increased dramatically.  Currently, we have closed deals in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay.  Worldox’s unique ability to allow integration with foreign languages makes the software able to be used with Spanish, Portuguese and a host of other languages.  As South American law firms continue to modernize their daily workflow and prioritize productivity, we are finding their interest in Worldox is continuously strong and steadily growing.”

Worldox is exhibiting at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago this week (booth#725).  For more information about Worldox, visit www.worldox.com.

About Worldox®/World Software Corporation
Founded in 1988 and based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Worldox®/World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. The company’s flagship product, Worldox, has an install base of over 6,000 customers in 52 countries. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visit https://www.worldox.com, call 800-962-6360 or email sales@worldox.com. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @worldox. World Software Corporation® and Worldox® are registered trademarks of World Software Corporation. All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.

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Worldox Celebrates 30 Years of Award-Winning Document Management Technology Excellence at Legaltech New York 2018 This Week

Worldox® celebrates 30 years of excellence in document management software at Legaltech New York this week.  The company will be demonstrating its newest technology at booth#328 at the New York Hilton Hotel starting today through February 1st.

Founded in 1988 by Thomas W. Burke and Kristina S. Burke, Worldox and its parent company World Software Corporation® have grown to be one of the most successful, enduring and award-winning application software companies in the legal industry.

Worldox has won many awards for superior software, technical support and rapid growth, and Thomas W. Burke, now Chairman and CEO of World Software, won the first-ever Law Technology News (now Legaltech News) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

Mr. Burke says:  “With 6,000 customers in 52 countries, 200 Resellers, and many first-place awards, World Software Corporation and Worldox have achieved sustained success in the Legal Document Management System market for the past 30 years.  Our success is based on our execution of the entrepreneurial model of vision, self-sufficiency, spartan work ethic, accountability, resilience, and market leadership.  Our future will be marked by our upcoming introduction of the next genre of Worldox as an Object Manager of documents and emails in a pure SaaS/internet environment.”

Ray Zwiefelhofer, president of Worldox/World Software, remarks:  “Reaching our 30-year anniversary is a testament to building fantastic and relevant industry software, and our dedicated support of Worldox customers.  Our staff knows that happy customers are key to our continued success and their ‘customer first’ mindset ensures their ongoing satisfaction. We are pleased yet again to make ILTA’s list of top vendors with outstanding customer support. We are grateful to our customers and partners who helped us get to this point and look forward providing world-class software and support for many years to come.”

MetaJure SPOTLIGHT eDiscovery tool now integrated with Worldox®

Announcing full search integration with MetaJure SPOTLIGHT for Worldox Customers.

MetaJure SPOTLIGHT is an easy-to-use, powerful eDiscovery tool that is ideal for small to mid-size cases, whether lawyers are preparing for litigation, beginning the due diligence for an internal investigation or business transaction, or responding to discovery.

Rebecca Sattin, Chief Information Officer of Worldox stated, “While every case requires thorough and smart analysis, not every case justifies expensive eDiscovery software. Integrating SPOTLIGHT with Worldox means that firms can have a powerful eDiscovery solution in just hours. While Worldox gives legal teams the ability to  quickly and easily search data, SPOTLIGHT adds the ability to deduplicate and easily produce records without time-consuming data conversions. Additionally, thanks to the software’s intuitive search engine, lawyers and their teams can quickly find and analyze the information they need without wasting a moment.”

Distinctions for Worldox in the 2017 ILTA Technology Survey

Worldox Makes ILTA 2017 Technology Survey’s Top 20 Outstanding Vendors List and Ranks in Top 3 for DMS and Email/Electronic Records Management.  Worldox has been recognized in the ILTA 2017 Technology Survey for excellence and popularity and several categories.   Results for the Survey were released in December 2017.

MetaJure ILLUMINATE now integrated with Worldox®

Announcing full search integration with MetaJure ILLUMINATE for Worldox® Customers.

MetaJure ILLUMINATE is an enterprise search product that complements traditional Document Management Systems (DMS) by enabling law firms to efficiently locate all of their documents and emails regardless of location.

Rebecca Sattin, Chief Information Officer of Worldox stated, “Integrating MetaJure with Worldox provides firms with a complete compliance solution, allowing them to definitively find data stored in all their systems, including data that may be stored on local hard drives.”

MetaJure ILLUMINATE takes advantage of a proprietary connector through the Worldox API to index the metadata and content stored in a firm’s Worldox data repositories, while respecting existing security permissions. What’s more, MetaJure ILLUMINATE automatically OCRs image-only documents across the firm, ensuring that all data is text searchable by lawyers and staff.

Worldox Focuses on Mobility Features and Cloud Offering at ILTACON 2017

World Software Corporation®, the makers of Worldox®, will be featuring their mobility solutions at ILTACON 2017.

Worldox for Office 365, first announced earlier this year, will be featured in a spotlight presentation in the Microsoft booth.  Worldox Connect, the company’s sharing and collaboration platform, will also be featured at ILTACON in two Demo Room sessions.

Worldox Connect Adds Secure Document Sharing and Collaboration to Worldox

Secure document sharing with clients looks like the next big thing in legal technology thanks to more stringent ethics rules and more sophisticated clients. Ideally, moving beyond email to a more secure platform should not require your firm to overhaul its existing infrastructure and workflows — including its use of Outlook….

Sony Continues Evolution of Digital Paper with Enhanced Second-Generation Technology

The second generation of Sony’s Digital Paper (model DPT-RP1) gives users a better document reading, annotating and note-taking experience. New updates include an easier-to-read high-resolution display, a more responsive touch panel, precise handwritten note-taking capabilities and wireless document transfer to a PC or MAC — all packaged in a sleek new device design.