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Announcing Worldox GX4 WDU18 Update

Legal professionals have spent the last year and a half adapting to the new work from anywhere reality, and to their credit, they’ve done so quite well. Given the rapid transition from an office environment to remote work, legal professionals have been quick to recognize the need for immediate adoption of digital tools that will drive their business and practice, regardless of where they find themselves working from.

Worldox has been working around the clock with our Development team to refine, optimize, and deliver the best support for your investment in Worldox software. We understand that accessing your critical documents from anywhere is critical to your success, and that’s why we’re rolling out Worldox GX4 WDU18 soon. Worldox GX4 WDU18 continues to provide excellent mobility and productivity features with enhanced features that support Microsoft Teams integration and more.

Interested in learning more about Worldox GX4 WDU18? Contact our support team to learn about this update, or call us directly at (201) 444-3290.

Worldox Supports 64-Bit Outlook

Microsoft has recently made a move to lessen their support and service for 32-bit Outlook users. Worldox has tools that support 64-bit Outlook, but you must be on the current Worldox code to utilize them. The Worldox Email Agent moves the processing of email messages from the desktop to the back end. It works with current versions of Exchange or with Exchange Online if you’ve migrated to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It comes with two new add-ins to Outlook – one 32-bit and one 64-bit.

It has many advantages including allowing people to move or copy messages from Outlook Web App or from their mobile devices. It allows your team to assign properties to existing folders in Outlook, making them Link folders. A Link folder has Worldox metadata associated with it as well as either a Copy or Move designation. When an email is dropped into one of those folders, it will be either copied or moved based on that metadata. An existing folder can be set up as a Link folder too for those who already have messages segregated into folders.

If you are on a current enough version of Worldox, you’ll find this software in the Modules folder within your Worldox program folder on your network. We highly recommend that you update to the most current version of Worldox before installing this as the update process will also provide you with the most up-to-date installers and documentation.

If you need assistance setting it up in your environment, please contact for assistance.

The ABA & The Virtual Law Firm

A response to the recent ABA guidance on model rules, ethical tech duties to consider when working remotely. By Rebecca Sattin, CIO at Worldox.

The American Bar Association published Formal Opinion 498 on March 10, 2021 which provides guidance for the virtual practice of law. They stress some of the same things they have previously such as the competence requirements of ABA Model Rule 1.1 and the confidentiality requirements of ABA Model Rule 1.6 and Formal Opinion 477R. They now go further and discuss some of the other rules that go beyond an individual lawyer working remotely to an entire law firm working remotely.

Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector for Worldox

Experience True Simplicity and Seamless Integration

By:  Christian Song, Blue Car Technologies

Updated: March 1, 2021

Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector for Worldox provides seamless integration between Worldox and DocuSign, allowing documents to be signed from a simple single right click action with Signed bodybuilding peptides for sale documents automatically returned to the document management system.

Here are some of the business benefits our clients can expect:

  • A Single right click action to initiate the signing process within Worldox, shortening the signing process to seconds.
  • Signed documents automatically saved back into Worldox as a new version or new document, reducing user workload by eliminating the manual “print-sign-scan-file” process, and automatically re-filing documents with their originals.
  • Flexible and rich configuration options to match your organization’s workflow, simplifying the esigning and DMS management process.
  • Complete audit trail and traceability, meeting or exceeding your security policies and practices.
  • Supports both on prem and Cloud architecture and we offer a comprehensive Azure hosting and managed service option, giving customers a true peace of mind.

View the recording of an overview of our market leading DocuSign Connector for Worldox

Contact for a free demo.

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Worldox Comes to Zola Suite!

Worldox Comes to Zola Suite!

By:  Victoria Silecchia,  Zola Suite – January 13, 2021

Since breaking with tradition and starting the next-generation cloud practice management movement (what we refer to as Cloud LPM 2.0) nearly six years ago, Zola Suite has helped tens of thousands of legal professionals work more efficiently, creating a synergistic solution that helps rid firms of disjointed applications for matter and financial management.

As we kick off a new year, we’re thrilled to announce our latest integration as we welcome Worldox to the Zola Suite family! With this new union, Worldox users can now access all of their Client and Matter files right through Zola Suite, eliminating the need for them to toggle between applications when working on matter-related files. This new integration gives Zola Suite and Worldox users the following interoperability between the two platforms:

When working in Zola Suite, Worldox users can simply click on the dedicated Worldox icon and access the Worldox dashboard – no need to log in to two separate platforms and bounce between them as you work throughout the day.

When working within Zola Suite, your Worldox interface will look exactly as you’ve come to know it in Worldox – no need to master a new document management system. In this section, you can perform advanced searches and quickly find files stored within Worldox.

When creating a new Matter in Zola Suite, users can easily link it to a corresponding Matter (and appropriate cabinet) within Worldox or add a new Matter in Worldox.

User-based permissions remain whether firm members are working within Worldox or Zola Suite, ensuring that the viewing/editing of documents is limited on a need-to-know basis.

Learn more 

Join Worldox and Zola Suite on January 29, 2021 at 2pm ET for an overview of this new integration

Legal Document Types

Our clients often ask us for best practices for setting up Document Types. Here are some recommendations.

What is a Document Type?

When saving or profiling a document in a Legal Document Management System it is typical that, in addition to specifying the client and matter, a Document Type field is available. Document Type does not mean file format. Document Management Systems typically allow searching by file format – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. – separately from searching by Document Type. The Document Type should be descriptive of the content of the file, for instance, Agreement, Correspondence, Court Filing, and so on.  Classifying documents like this facilitates searching for filtering a document list to narrow your results.

Expanding Document Types with Categories

The Category feature is a fairly recent addition to Worldox. A Category is the only type of metadata that allows you to select multiple values for a single document. Categories can specify anything from more specific types of documents to expert witnesses to draft or final status. Three types of Categories exist in Worldox: personal, matter-based, or public (firm-wide) Categories. Personal Categories are only seen by the individual who created and applied them. All Categories allow further classification of documents for later retrieval and filtering.

How many Document Types should a firm have?

Discussing Document Types within your firm is often a lengthy process as every partner has their own thoughts on how to organize documents. We have found over the years that less is more. Too many Document Types leads to confusion when saving documents and ultimately an inability to find them later. Even if you have many different types of agreements, resist the urge to create multiple agreement types and instead utilize just “Agreement” to cover all agreement types. Further classification of agreements can be done with the Category feature.

Advantages of proper Document Type and Category settings.

Searching for documents in your firm could yield thousands of documents if your search terms are too simple.  Both Document Types and Categories allow you to filter your search or matter to narrow results to documents with these Document Types or Categories.

Keep it Simple!

Make searching and saving easier for everyone – resist the urge to overly complicate things by creating too much meta-organization. You and your team can move faster and more efficiently if it is easy to see what is in your matters.

Determine organizational structure

Different practice areas have different needs. Document Types should reflect that. Standardize as much as possible but ensure the needs of different practice areas are met.

Here are some examples showing the results of narrowing a search or matter list utilizing Document Types and Categories:

Using Worldox Tile View, each Tile contains a Document Type from a search or matter folder to quickly find your documents by Document Type.

After performing a search or accessing a Matter, the filter tab allows you to quickly filter by selected Document Types or Categories.

Beyond Document Types, Categories will let you add multiple Categories to each document which are sortable, filterable and search enabled.

Categories are also enabled in Tile view to have each Category show in its own Tile.

GDSI Releases Its Best-In-Class Seamless Sync Of Clio© + Worldox©

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#customsoftware–GDSI, a leading provider of custom software solutions and DevOps services, has developed a simple and effective way for law firms to view Case documents from Worldox Web and automatically synchronize Client and Matter data from Clio to Worldox.

“Many of our clients have asked us about integration with the Clio platform for case management. Clio works well for them for case management, but they like the robust features of the Worldox document management system. The new integration between Worldox and Clio synchronizes Client and Matter data from Clio to a Worldox Cabinet and also allows them to pull up documents pertaining to a case in a new browser window,” said Ray Zwiefelhofer, president, Worldox. “Having experience working with GDSI, we trusted their team to address this challenge efficiently and effectively. GDSI has built a platform that automatically syncs from Clio to Worldox, and so much more. Our clients are happy. We are thrilled. GDSI exceeded our expectations.”

Douglas Geller, GDSI’s founder and president provides additional insight, “We understood the importance of designing a solution that would eliminate the time-consuming and unnecessary user interaction between Clio and Worldox. With our legal software experience, we quickly focused on developing a private cloud system to support synchronizations between the two systems. We appreciate the trust the Worldox and Clio teams have in us and are looking forward to future collaborations.”

Beta testing has proven to be successful for our Integration Service Platform, and we are now introducing the platform to Worldox clients around the world. Additional GDSI synchronization announcements are imminent.

About Clio

Clio, the leader in cloud-based legal technology, empowers lawyers to be both client-centered and firm focused through a suite of cloud-based solutions, including legal practice management software and client intake and legal CRM software. Clio has been transforming the industry for over a decade with 150,000 customers spanning 100 countries, and the approval of over 66 bar associations and law societies globally. Clio continues to lead the industry with initiatives like the Legal Trends Report, the Clio Cloud Conference, and the Clio Academic Access Program. Clio has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, a Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500 company, and, most recently, Company of the Year, Anchor Success by the British Columbia Tech Association.

For more information about Clio, please visit

About GDSI

GDSI provides law firms, legal software companies, and professional services firms custom software solutions and DevOps services. Our U.S. based developers understand the user experience and provide detailed solutions, eliminating the complexity of development. Experts with over 25 years of experience, we design software efficiently and effectively so our clients can focus on the business of law.

For more information about GDSI, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Worldox

Since 1988, World Software Corporation, based in Glen Rock, NJ, has set the standard in the evolving field of document management. With their flagship product, Worldox©, they are delivering the most reliable, full-featured, cost-effective, and easy-to-use systems available and now have an install base of over 6,500 companies in over 52 countries.

For more information about Worldox, visit

Helle Schwartz-Grossman
Marketing Manager

Jill Heise
Chief Marketing Officer

Work from Anywhere, Securely

Like many workplaces, law firms have increasingly acknowledged the need to allow remote operations in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This massive shift to work from anywhere means firms have had to quickly make the transition from operating from an office-based environment to remote work. This situation has created the potential for increased risk to document security. More access points mean more potential for unauthorized access.

Worldox understands the urgent need for legal professionals to continue to work efficiently and securely both in their offices and remotely. Our products are designed to meet and exceed that challenge, ensuring that no matter where you are working, your documents remain secure.

With Worldox Web, clients who use Enterprise and Professional Worldox can enjoy access to their documents anywhere, anytime, on any device, knowing their documents are being securely managed through our opt-out platform for saving client matters.  Here’s a recent testimonial from one of our clients using Worldox:

“Because of the ease and versatility of Worldox, our firm was able to implement a paperless initiative several years ago. One of the primary advantages to this was the ability to hire talented individuals from anywhere. They no longer needed to work in one of our physical offices. It was because of this that our transition to work from home during the pandemic was seamless. All of our files were available at our fingertips regardless of location. This would not have been successful without Worldox.”

-Dan Riggsby, IT Director at Boyd & Jenerette, P.A.

Worldox has always been passionate about providing solutions that help improve the workflow and simplify operations. This hasn’t changed during the pandemic. We have been working nonstop with our customers to identify and implement the exact solutions they need to fit their unique challenges during this time. Working from anywhere doesn’t mean accepting increased risk to document security.

Never Miss a Beat

At Worldox, our entire team is committed to providing exemplary customer service. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, that commitment has not changed. The pandemic has been disruptive across the world, with workplaces everywhere facing the transition to remote and home-based work and the challenges that transition creates.

Law offices and legal professionals are no exception. I’ve spoken to many attorneys and Partners who are adopting remote work for the first time. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of this profession work from anywhere creates unique challenges for properly handling client matters.  But with Worldox, our law firm customers are experiencing smoother transitions to remote work, whether they are using our Worldox Enterprise, Professional, or Cloud document management solutions.

In October 2019, we introduced Web 3.x, giving our customers even more access to the documents they need when they are away from the office. When the pandemic hit, Enterprise and Professional customers were able to take advantage of accessing Worldox documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while still maintaining document security and compliance, at no additional cost.  It’s just one of the ways we’re working to make the transition to remote-based work quicker and more secure for our customers. 

Marc D. Pulsifer, Esq. of Blake & Pulsifer is just one example of how easy Worldox made the transition to remote work for the firm.

We started using Worldox in 2008. It absolutely transformed our small boutique practice. The ability to quickly search, access, and collaborate on documents and projects is a huge improvement over hard-files and Microsoft file trees. WD’s seamless integration with KwikTag’s scanning solution is priceless. We are now virtually paperless and can do full word searches on every document in the system. When COVID hit and we had to transition to fully remote operations, we turned on a dime and never missed a beat. Everything was already in place. Now I just wonder why I still have this office!

Like Marc, our legal professional and law office customers never had to miss a beat when making the transition to remote operations. Worldox continues our commitment to helping small and mid-sized firms handle their documents securely, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

To learn more about our remote solutions, 

contact us via email or by phone at 201-801-3517.

DocStyle Partners with World Software Corporation to Bring Word Processing Automation to Worldox

DocStyle Partners with World Software Corporation to Bring Word Processing Automation to Worldox

Miami, FL – September 25, 2020 – DocStyle LLC, an innovative solution for automatic Word Styling, PDF Conversion, Cleanup and Numbering for the legal industry has announced that they will integrate directly with Worldox, a leading provider of award-winning document management software.

DocStyle has designed the first ever algorithmic engine for recognizing, grouping and manipulating formatting within electronic files for both Word & PDF.  The DocStyle engine identifies paragraphs, groups them together, and builds custom styles automatically.  It is also the only solution on the market that can insert individual PDF pages into a document from inside Microsoft Word.

The DocStyle Ribbon compliments the engine by automating Word processing functions like Create Clean Document, a complete numbering suite, Cross Referencing, a TOC generator and offering a series of advanced styling utilities for Microsoft Word power users.  With Worldox integration designed throughout the solution, repurposing legacy documents has never been easier.

“Whether coming from PDF or working on documents within Word, Worldox integration is an integral part of our process and success.  Accessing, drafting, sharing, securing and collaborating are seamlessly made possible through our unified customer experience.” said Chris Cangero, CEO of DocStyle LLC.


About DocStyle, LLC

Headquartered in Miami, FL, DocStyle LLC is a Limited Liability Company delivering a new and innovative solution for structured PDF conversion and Word styling automation.  Our organization is dedicated to the development of legal software and technologies. Our mission is to develop comprehensive tools to aid the collaborative efforts of professionals during the document drafting process.



Chris Cangero

Chief Executive Officer/ Co-founder

305-676-6600 (office)



How to prepare your data in Worldox for the CCPA

Your data must be searchable to comply with the CCPA, but not all of it will be easy to find. DocsCorp President and Co-Founder Dean Sappey explains how an OCR processing tool inside Worldox can help you locate the image-based files usually invisible to search.