Why Cloud Computing is the Right Choice for Your Firm

For years, law firms were resistant to moving to the cloud, often citing concerns over security and maintaining client confidentiality. But the cloud brings many benefits to law firms, including increased security and better accessibility. Here are some key benefits of moving your firm to the cloud.

More Robust Security

One of the most significant benefits of moving operations to the cloud is that it allows for more robust security. Cloud computing enjoys an advantage of economy of scale that is difficult to match with on-site operations. This allows cloud computing operations to invest heavily in top-of-the-line infrastructure, cutting-edge security software, penetration testing, and dedicated security teams. They can pivot quickly to respond to breaches in security or respond proactively to prevent issues. Firm administrators can set up permissions and user groups to ensure that everyone has access only to the resources they need.

Supports Hybrid Work Environments

Attorneys and staff need access to the firm’s complete software suite, whether working in the office, remotely, or both. Cloud services provide seamless access to all resources from anywhere with an internet connection. Every user has the same experience no matter how they access resources. Managing your firm’s resources from the cloud also facilitates more collaboration and better communication.

Streamlines Updates and Maintenance

With cloud-based computing, updates and maintenance are no longer the firm’s responsibility. Cloud providers implement software updates regularly and consistently for optimal performance. Hosting software and services in the cloud means those updates are rolled out across the board and to every user’s work environment, helping guard against unauthorized access and data theft on an individual workstation if an update is missed. Cloud-based updates and maintenance also minimize downtime, meaning less productivity loss.

Easily Scalable

The flexibility of the cloud means that administrators can scale their operations quickly to meet current needs. If the firm brings on new team members, a call to your cloud provider is all that is required, regardless of the location of those new team members. This ease of scalability makes it simple and more cost-effective for firms to accommodate growth.

Moving operations to the cloud can eliminate the need to install and maintain in-house servers and software and facilitate the firm’s ability to work from anywhere effectively. At Worldox, we believe in providing our clients with the resources they need to understand how the digital environment impacts law firms. We offer a variety of deployment options to fit your firm’s needs. Contact us for more information on how we can help you streamline your document management and enhance your firm’s productivity.

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