Worldox users at Lear & Lear, LLP appreciate the benefits of remote access using Enterprise

The attorneys at Lear & Lear, LLP were satisfied users and proponents of the Worldox GX3 Professional document management system (DMS) for several years. They enjoyed its easy-to-use interface, cost-saving benefits and an array of convenient features. Staff members benefited from the profiling process, which requires users to label documents in a consistent and logical manner, greatly accelerating how to find files for instant access. As content as they were with GX3 Professional, however, they realized that running it over a VPN did not offer the performance that they needed. They had a remote branch with users who needed a better way to connect to the Worldox DMS. Lear & Lear’s technical consultant, Jess Bird of Structure Computer Consulting, recommended that they upgrade those remote users to GX3 Enterprise.

GX3 Enterprise is one of several deployment options of the Worldox DMS. The architecture is designed to support multi- office and remote connectivity environments. It allows centralized document storage and indexing in a firm’s data center to provide efficient deployment to remote offices and locations. GX3 Enterprise delivers the same functionality and interface as GX3 Professional. This made it the perfect solution for Lear & Lear’s remote attorneys, who didn’t need to be re- trained and were up and running in no time.

The firm facilitated their implementation with the help of Jess Bird from Structure Computer Consulting. The implementation went smoothly, one small glitch was resolved immediately, and the whole project only took 30 days from start to finish. The initial users of GX3 Enterprise have experienced no issues with speed and are happy with customer support.

Remote users of GX3 are enjoying unlimited flexibility and easier collaboration. The optimized architecture delivers data to their screens faster than ever and has broken down the barriers of remote connectivity. It is exceptionally simple to use and ensures that their confidential data is secure. GX3 integrates directly with Microsoft® Office, Corel Office®, Outlook, Acrobat®, along with a host of law practice and financial services systems, time and billing applications, and scanners. Lear & Lear users are impressed with the way features work just as well remotely as they do locally. The GX3 Enterprise transition has been seamless. The firm plans to roll Enterprise out to a number of other users. At that point, about 50% of the staff will connect to the Worldox DMS using GX3 Enterprise.

Ben Zaritsky, the Director of Information Technology at Lear & Lear, LLP stated, “I love implementing Worldox GX3 Enterprise. When explaining its capabilities, I find myself using the words ‘magic’ and ‘auto-magically’ because that’s what it really is. The ability to use the Office Suite that is installed locally on your computer, while seamlessly utilizing your Corporate DMS that is housed miles away is truly a fantastic feature.



Enable remote users within the firm to collaborate using the Worldox document management system (DMS), but running GX3 Professional over VPN didn’t deliver optimal performance.


Implement the Worldox GX3 Enterprise solution for the firm’s remote users.


The firm’s remote employees are pleased that they can now work remotely and that GX3 Enterprise provides the same features of GX3 Professional. They also did not have to re-learn a new document management system to achieve the goal of remote access.

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