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Worldox Enterprise supports a collaborative environment among offices of Woods & Aitken LLP while increasing performance with minimal costs and no additional end-user training.

The law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP can trace its history back to 1904 when the firm of Hall, Woods & Pound was established in Lincoln, Nebraska. The longevity of their client relationships has afforded Woods & Aitken the opportunity to emerge as a national leader in the practice of construction, telecommunications, and banking and finance law. Their commitment to service fueled their expansion from the original Lincoln, Nebraska office to establish offices in Denver, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska and Washington, DC.

The firm has been a Worldox customer since 1999. They deployed the GX3 Professional version in 2012, the year it was introduced.

Chad Mawson has been the IT Administrator at the law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP since 1998. In that time frame, the firm has more than doubled in size, expanding from a sole office in Lincoln, Nebraska to offices in Omaha, Nebraska, Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado. Prior to working for Woods & Aitken, Chad was a support technician and quality assurance tester for Software Technology, Inc., a company that specializes in legal software.

The Business Challenge

In 2004 the firm opened their Omaha office. At that time, they ran Worldox Professional over the WAN from the Lincoln office. In 2009, they opened a Denver office and three years ago, they decided to put in an MPLS network between the three offices, primarily to support voice traffic. Due to the increased cost, they reduced the amount of bandwidth to 3 mbps to Omaha and 1 mbps to Denver. They had never had servers in Omaha and planned to continue running Worldox over the MPLS connection, but complaints about latency surfaced almost immediately. For attorneys who worked periodically in the Lincoln office, the difference in speed was evident. It was up to Chad to come up with a way to support this collaborative environment and address the complaints without driving up costs.

The Solution

Chad reached out to one of his vendors, DCNC, Inc., in Denver. They suggested purchasing the Worldox Enterprise product. With its minimum bandwidth requirement of 3 mbps, Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi- office, remote access environments. The Enterprise version provides the full- featured Worldox interface Chad’s users were accustomed to with a back-end add-on server in the Lincoln office to provide the optimum speed over their lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.

Chad was hopeful that Worldox Enterprise would be the solution to his dilemma. He compared the cost of implementing Enterprise with the cost of increasing his bandwidth to the Omaha office and decided that Worldox Enterprise would provide a greater return on his investment.

With the help of his vendor and Worldox Cloud/Enterprise support, the product was installed in a few hours. They migrated an attorney and an assistant to the new product and they were immediately impressed with the performance enhancement. No additional training was necessary since the features in the Professional product were present and unchanged in the Enterprise interface. After a painless testing period of no more than two weeks, Chad deployed Enterprise to the remainder of the Omaha office and has not looked back since. As the sole IT person for his multi-office environment, the deployment of Worldox Enterprise virtually eliminated Worldox support calls from the Omaha office. Those attorneys who have occasion to work in both the Lincoln and the Omaha offices do not notice a difference between the products.

Business Benefits

Deploying Worldox Enterprise took very little of Chad’s time and no additional end-user training was required since the user interface is virtually the same as the Worldox Professional interface. Chad was able to maintain the collaborative environment between offices with a minimal investment and lower recurring costs, resulting in a lower TCO than he would have had with other possible solutions.

Future Plans

While increased bandwidth between offices is certainly in his future, Chad plans to continue running Worldox Enterprise in his Omaha office. Once the bandwidth has been increased to the Denver office, he plans on deploying Enterprise there.

Chad is excited about implementing the upgrade to Worldox GX4 Enterprise. As his attorneys often remark, everyone wants fewer clicks to accomplish things. Its sleek new intuitive interface, Active Profiling® capability and Follow Me Favorites technology will enable his users to increase their productivity using the same reliable Worldox software they have always trusted.

By Rebecca Sattin, CIO at World Software Corporation


In an effort to reduce costs, Woods & Aitken decreased the bandwidth for the MPLS connection across three offices that used Worldox Professional. This resulted in complaints from attorneys about latency and speed.


Implemented Worldox Enterprise with a back-end add-on server in Lincoln office to provide optimum speed over the lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.


Successful migration to Worldox Enterprise from Worldox Professional that required no additional end-user training with minimal costs.

Additional Benefits:

The Worldox Enterprise implementation has provided more flexibility and a greater return on investment than simply increasing bandwidth to the Omaha office.

End users were immediately impressed with performance and Worldox support calls from the Omaha office were virtually eliminated.

“Worldox Enterprise gives Woods & Aitken the ability to spend less on bandwidth between locations. It also gives much more flexibility in any situation where we use a remote connection.”
– Chad Mawson, IT Administrator at Woods and Aitken LLP

Worldox users at Lear & Lear, LLP appreciate the benefits of remote access using Enterprise

The attorneys at Lear & Lear, LLP were satisfied users and proponents of the Worldox GX3 Professional document management system (DMS) for several years. They enjoyed its easy-to-use interface, cost-saving benefits and an array of convenient features. Staff members benefited from the profiling process, which requires users to label documents in a consistent and logical manner, greatly accelerating how to find files for instant access. As content as they were with GX3 Professional, however, they realized that running it over a VPN did not offer the performance that they needed. They had a remote branch with users who needed a better way to connect to the Worldox DMS. Lear & Lear’s technical consultant, Jess Bird of Structure Computer Consulting, recommended that they upgrade those remote users to GX3 Enterprise.

GX3 Enterprise is one of several deployment options of the Worldox DMS. The architecture is designed to support multi- office and remote connectivity environments. It allows centralized document storage and indexing in a firm’s data center to provide efficient deployment to remote offices and locations. GX3 Enterprise delivers the same functionality and interface as GX3 Professional. This made it the perfect solution for Lear & Lear’s remote attorneys, who didn’t need to be re- trained and were up and running in no time.

The firm facilitated their implementation with the help of Jess Bird from Structure Computer Consulting. The implementation went smoothly, one small glitch was resolved immediately, and the whole project only took 30 days from start to finish. The initial users of GX3 Enterprise have experienced no issues with speed and are happy with customer support.

Remote users of GX3 are enjoying unlimited flexibility and easier collaboration. The optimized architecture delivers data to their screens faster than ever and has broken down the barriers of remote connectivity. It is exceptionally simple to use and ensures that their confidential data is secure. GX3 integrates directly with Microsoft® Office, Corel Office®, Outlook, Acrobat®, along with a host of law practice and financial services systems, time and billing applications, and scanners. Lear & Lear users are impressed with the way features work just as well remotely as they do locally. The GX3 Enterprise transition has been seamless. The firm plans to roll Enterprise out to a number of other users. At that point, about 50% of the staff will connect to the Worldox DMS using GX3 Enterprise.

Ben Zaritsky, the Director of Information Technology at Lear & Lear, LLP stated, “I love implementing Worldox GX3 Enterprise. When explaining its capabilities, I find myself using the words ‘magic’ and ‘auto-magically’ because that’s what it really is. The ability to use the Office Suite that is installed locally on your computer, while seamlessly utilizing your Corporate DMS that is housed miles away is truly a fantastic feature.”


Enable remote users within the firm to collaborate using the Worldox document management system (DMS), but running GX3 Professional over VPN didn’t deliver optimal performance.


Implement the Worldox GX3 Enterprise solution for the firm’s remote users.


The firm’s remote employees are pleased that they can now work remotely and that GX3 Enterprise provides the same features of GX3 Professional. They also did not have to re-learn a new document management system to achieve the goal of remote access.

Lombardo & Gilles implements Worldox® to manage documents and email, and streamline workflow


Law firms have an unparalleled amount of information to manage and track, and as any law professional knows, efficiently handling the volume of documents is one of the most challenging tasks involved in managing a law firm. With more than 15 years of documents accumulated on our server, that task was becoming even more cumbersome for my law firm, Lombardo & Gilles, based in Salinas, Calif.

We started looking for a new document management system (DMS) to create a more paperless office, and also to modernize our firm’s email management system, which was costly, paper-intensive and time – consuming. The attorneys and staff had exhausted the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook to search for and organize emails, and we determined that Microsoft search and coding alone could no longer provide an adequate resource for our requirements.

The Solution: Worldox

We looked at a few different solutions, including Hummingbird (now Open Text), prior to choosing Worldox. In addition to the DMS coming highly recommended by our IT services provider – Baker + Cadence Solutions, a leading Worldox systems integrator – one of our lawyers had used a system at his previous law firm which he said was quite similar to Worldox. Our research proved that Worldox was the most efficient and competitive product available.

The Worldox installation was extremely smooth, the whole process only taking a few days. Baker + Cadence CEO Bill Baker spearheaded work-study programs with our staff and attorneys to make sure they understood the way the system worked. Using real-time examples, Bill gave my staff the opportunity to ask questions as he demonstrated and showed them how to use the product. He then came back and did one-on-one training with each staff member.

Tangible Benefits

There are many benefits to using Worldox. My favorite feature of Worldox is the real-time tracking of, and ability to centrally store, email. Now, all the attorneys working on my cases have access to the emails I have saved to Worldox, and everything is accessible from a central location.

I was not the only person to see the benefits of Worldox. Our firm’s office manager, Tina Hamby quickly saw that Worldox was going to completely change the way we conducted business.

According to Tina, “One of the attorneys spent hours trying to find three documents he had created, and when he couldn’t, he had to recreate them. Using Worldox, we were able to find those documents in two seconds. That’s when I was sold on Worldox.”

With the help of Worldox, our office is gradually going paperless. Before Worldox, our secretaries were spending lots of time copying and emailing documents. Now with Worldox, not only do we save man hours, but we save paper and toner, which is not only a cost benefit, but a green benefit as well.

Worldox has exceeded my expectations, especially from a support standpoint. With many companies it takes forever to get a support technician on the phone. Worldox isn’t that way; they are quick to respond. Worldox is a solution-driven company and there is always someone to help us with any problem we have. The few problems we have had have been dealt with in an efficient and prompt manner.

Worldox provides my firm with a wealth of benefits. Not only does it help us stay organized, efficient and relieve the stress of trying to find documents, but it also helps us stay green. Spending time and money scanning, sending and searching for documents is a practice of the past for our firm now. Worldox is the document management system of today, and our firm is greatly modernized because we have implemented this technology.


To cope with the growing burden of document and email management, and move towards the goal of paperless operation.


Worldox installed; staff oriented and trained.


We are saving time and money, on the road to going paperless, realizing not only cost benefits, but green benefits.

Why Wyche Burgess switched from Interwoven’s iManage to Worldox

The Decision

The time came to upgrade iManage 7.5 to 8.0. The question was … would this be the right move for our firm? The 8.0 upgrade would probably not be all that simple. After all, moving from 5.x to 7.5 had not been particularly easy. Application integration with iManage had turned out to be complicated, to say the least. The more we learned, the more difficult the decision became. As discovery continued, we realized that iManage 8.0 required its own SQL server. We had been running a single SQL server for our accounting, timekeeping and iManage databases. That would no longer do, as iManage 8.0 needed its own server to perform at acceptable levels. (And note, we were already running in “two-tier” mode, with documents stored on a dedicated file server.)

Time for a change?

The upgrade would amount to a re-commitment to iManage. This product had served us well, but I always had the feeling we were paying too much, and that the system was way too complex for the amount of documents handled and the number of users we had.


I added up the pricing for a new server and the necessary upgrade licensing. Then we considered the need for consulting help. I heard estimates starting at 50 hours of consulting time for the upgrade; some went for much, much more. As anticipated costs for the upgrade inched higher, we decided to see what other choices were available.

The Worldox GX Option

The LawNet (now ILTA) conference happened right around that time. At the conference, I met with World Software’s representatives. We discussed pricing and the feasibility of a migration to Worldox GX from iManage

Worldox quickly shaped up as a viable alternative. We got some opinions from other firms already using Worldox GX. The satisfaction with this product was overwhelming.

The cost picture was even more promising. Our estimates for an iManage upgrade vs. migration to Worldox included not only first-year costs, but also costs for the next 3 years of operation. In year 1, upgrade vs. migration costs were almost identical. After that, maintenance was a huge difference. Maintenance costs for GX over the following 3 years would be half what we were paying iManage – for the same number of users.

That convinced me.

I started “selling” the notion of GX migration to the partners. At first there was some skepticism, until they saw Worldox GX in action, in a web demo. It took a little convincing to persuade the user base – the fear of change factor. Nothing unusual. Then it was time to forward with migration.


It’s been a little over three years since the migration to Worldox GX. Our users have been very happy. As the sole Administrator here, I can definitely sing GX’s praises as well. Admin time needed is maybe 20% of what I spent on iManage … it just works. Would I do it again?

No. I would have have started with Worldox back in 2000 and skipped iManage altogether.


Reduce maintenance costs; select the best Document Management System for the firm.


Replaced iManage with Worldox GX.


The staff is very happy with Worldox. The cost of administration is about one-fifth of what it was with iManage.