Worldox Enterprise supports a collaborative environment among offices of Woods & Aitken LLP while increasing performance with minimal costs and no additional end-user training.

The law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP can trace its history back to 1904 when the firm of Hall, Woods & Pound was established in Lincoln, Nebraska. The longevity of their client relationships has afforded Woods & Aitken the opportunity to emerge as a national leader in the practice of construction, telecommunications, and banking and finance law. Their commitment to service fueled their expansion from the original Lincoln, Nebraska office to establish offices in Denver, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska and Washington, DC.

The firm has been a Worldox customer since 1999. They deployed the GX3 Professional version in 2012, the year it was introduced.

Chad Mawson has been the IT Administrator at the law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP since 1998. In that time frame, the firm has more than doubled in size, expanding from a sole office in Lincoln, Nebraska to offices in Omaha, Nebraska, Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado. Prior to working for Woods & Aitken, Chad was a support technician and quality assurance tester for Software Technology, Inc., a company that specializes in legal software.

The Business Challenge

In 2004 the firm opened their Omaha office. At that time, they ran Worldox Professional over the WAN from the Lincoln office. In 2009, they opened a Denver office and three years ago, they decided to put in an MPLS network between the three offices, primarily to support voice traffic. Due to the increased cost, they reduced the amount of bandwidth to 3 mbps to Omaha and 1 mbps to Denver. They had never had servers in Omaha and planned to continue running Worldox over the MPLS connection, but complaints about latency surfaced almost immediately. For attorneys who worked periodically in the Lincoln office, the difference in speed was evident. It was up to Chad to come up with a way to support this collaborative environment and address the complaints without driving up costs.

The Solution

Chad reached out to one of his vendors, DCNC, Inc., in Denver. They suggested purchasing the Worldox Enterprise product. With its minimum bandwidth requirement of 3 mbps, Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi- office, remote access environments. The Enterprise version provides the full- featured Worldox interface Chad’s users were accustomed to with a back-end add-on server in the Lincoln office to provide the optimum speed over their lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.

Chad was hopeful that Worldox Enterprise would be the solution to his dilemma. He compared the cost of implementing Enterprise with the cost of increasing his bandwidth to the Omaha office and decided that Worldox Enterprise would provide a greater return on his investment.

With the help of his vendor and Worldox Cloud/Enterprise support, the product was installed in a few hours. They migrated an attorney and an assistant to the new product and they were immediately impressed with the performance enhancement. No additional training was necessary since the features in the Professional product were present and unchanged in the Enterprise interface. After a painless testing period of no more than two weeks, Chad deployed Enterprise to the remainder of the Omaha office and has not looked back since. As the sole IT person for his multi-office environment, the deployment of Worldox Enterprise virtually eliminated Worldox support calls from the Omaha office. Those attorneys who have occasion to work in both the Lincoln and the Omaha offices do not notice a difference between the products.

Business Benefits

Deploying Worldox Enterprise took very little of Chad’s time and no additional end-user training was required since the user interface is virtually the same as the Worldox Professional interface. Chad was able to maintain the collaborative environment between offices with a minimal investment and lower recurring costs, resulting in a lower TCO than he would have had with other possible solutions.

Future Plans

While increased bandwidth between offices is certainly in his future, Chad plans to continue running Worldox Enterprise in his Omaha office. Once the bandwidth has been increased to the Denver office, he plans on deploying Enterprise there.

Chad is excited about implementing the upgrade to Worldox GX4 Enterprise. As his attorneys often remark, everyone wants fewer clicks to accomplish things. Its sleek new intuitive interface, Active Profiling® capability and Follow Me Favorites technology will enable his users to increase their productivity using the same reliable Worldox software they have always trusted.

By Rebecca Sattin, CIO at World Software Corporation



In an effort to reduce costs, Woods & Aitken decreased the bandwidth for the MPLS connection across three offices that used Worldox Professional. This resulted in complaints from attorneys about latency and speed.


Implemented Worldox Enterprise with a back-end add-on server in Lincoln office to provide optimum speed over the lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.


Successful migration to Worldox Enterprise from Worldox Professional that required no additional end-user training with minimal costs.

Additional Benefits:

The Worldox Enterprise implementation has provided more flexibility and a greater return on investment than simply increasing bandwidth to the Omaha office.

End users were immediately impressed with performance and Worldox support calls from the Omaha office were virtually eliminated.

“Worldox Enterprise gives Woods & Aitken the ability to spend less on bandwidth between locations. It also gives much more flexibility in any situation where we use a remote connection.”
– Chad Mawson, IT Administrator at Woods and Aitken LLP

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