First‐time DMS users at Phillip Hack & Associates are reaping the benefits of Worldox Cloud

Phillip Hack & Associates had been searching for a more efficient way to organize their critical documents and accompanying emails. They were using the search feature within Windows Explorer to find documents and the process was arduous and inefficient. Since most staff members used Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Acrobat, they wanted a system that would integrate with their current applications. Many lawyers work remotely at night, on weekends and on business trips, so there was an urgent need for a remote-access solution, preferably a cloud-based one. Their IT support team, MMI Technology Consultants, Inc., recommended Worldox GX3 Cloud because they knew it fit the bill.

World Software Corporation’s Worldox document management system (DMS) was developed 25 years ago and has been steadfastly used by over 5000 companies of every size in 50 countries. Worldox GX3 Cloud was released this year to an overwhelmingly positive response. Unlike other cloud solutions, it is not browser-based. GX3 Cloud can be installed as a thin client on laptops, desktops and tablets. It is reliable and flexible though the operation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and cloud computing. It reduces costs since thin clients require fewer hardware components. As first-time DMS users, the firm was reluctant to pay an exorbitant amount of money upfront. They were satisfied with GX3 Cloud’s low monthly fee and happy to hear they wouldn’t need to purchase additional servers or other hardware.

MMI’s Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) Mike Pastore gave a demo of Worldox GX3 Cloud and the firm decided it was the perfect solution. More than 30,000 documents were migrated overnight and the implementation went smoothly. Employees were comfortable enough with the system that they were accessing their files the very next day. One staff member used Worldox at her previous firm and she was enthusiastic about using it again.

The firm has greatly benefited from Worldox’s profiling process and built-in PDF editing suite, which provides “Zero Download” technology, eliminating the need to download PDFs and enables employees to edit them directly on cloud servers. They are pleased with their recent adoption of GX3 Cloud, Worldox Customer Support and security. GX3 Cloud’s hosting provider, Rackspace®, has been assessed and holds validation for compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II), PCI DSS, and Safe Harbor, so confidential data is safe in the cloud. They are currently creating a profile group for historical cases and plan to add more than 10,000 of those files to GX3 Cloud. “In looking to take our firm to a cloud-based Document Management System that meets our needs for ease of use, quick implementation, integration with applications and cost effectiveness, we decided to use Worldox GX3 Cloud. The Worldox integrator had us up and running with DMS on day one, and with good training we are very pleased with the system. We have had a very easy time of moving our current documents into the system as we need them.”

The firm’s employees are enjoying all the benefits of the reliable Worldox GX3 Cloud. Thanks to a streamlined, simpler process, the firm’s productivity has improved now that a consistent file structure is in place. Less time is wasted since document searches are faster and more efficient. Worldox GX3 Cloud has measured up to all of their expectations of a dependable DMS.



Find an alternative to time‐consuming document searches using Microsoft Windows Explorer’s search feature.


Worldox GX3 Cloud was implemented as the first document management system (DMS) ever used by this law firm. More than 30,000 files were migrated to GX3 Cloud overnight. End users easily accessed their files and started to use the new DMS the following day.


The firm’s employees are pleased with faster searches, features such as built‐in PDF capabilities and security. They plan to move more than 10,000 historical files to Worldox GX3 Cloud, too.

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