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Innovative Firm Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency

Firm Profile

Culhane Meadows is proudly shaking up the legal marketplace by offering exceptional, yet highly-efficient and cost-effective, client services provided exclusively by partner-level attorneys with substantial experience from large law firms or in-house legal departments of respected corporations.

The Business Challenge

The law firm of Culhane Meadows was formed in 2013 when 16 attorneys in four cities split off from another larger firm to form their own new firm with a unique business model. They were committed to delivering legal services efficiently “by leveraging emerging technology, while avoiding the burden of extravagant office space, excessive support staff, fancy artwork on the walls, marble columns in the lobby or other expenses that add no value or benefit to the client.”

Heather Haughian, Founder and Managing Partner, had an engineering background and took on the responsibility of finding the technology and services to support this unique business model. Her goal was to find technology that would grow with the firm without requiring costly infrastructure or full time staff to maintain it. In order to meet this goal, she planned on finding Cloud solutions to manage documents, email and their accounting and billing needs.

The Solution

Haughian had to find a secure and robust document management system for their new law firm so that these services were ready to go on day one for their new partners. Because the plan was for attorneys at the firm to work from home offices or from small rental offices, she decided to choose cloud-based products to meet their needs. Each attorney would supply his or her own equipment, meeting the necessary requirements for the products.

Since the attorneys were spread out over four different cities and they would have no in-house IT services, it was important to Haughian that they have a system that was easy to use and require little support. For compliance reasons, she preferred a document management system that was “opt-out” rather than “opt-in,” meaning that, by default, all documents would be saved into the system. Since each attorney supplied his or her own equipment, she wanted to ensure that work done for clients was always saved into the document management system.

Haughian chose Worldox Cloud as their document management system because she was looking for a cloud based system that afforded them the flexibility to set up multiple Cabinets with unique field structures that could be customized to her firm’s needs. Also, the built-in ethical wall features were a necessity.

Affinity Consulting, a Worldox Inner Circle reseller, provided the initial training for the firm and continues to provide training as they grow.
As a result of Haughian’s preparation, the firm was able to hit the ground running on their first day of operation. Even though it would take some time for their old firm to provide legacy documents for the clients who came with them, as those documents became available they were able to easily integrate them into the Worldox system.

Business Benefits

In just a few years, the firm has grown to include 45 attorneys in 7 cities. The scalability and agile nature of the Worldox Cloud allowed this growth to proceed seamlessly without incurring additional costs when adding new attorneys or expanding into a new market.

Their initial software choices allowed this growth to proceed seamlessly without incurring additional costs when opening new locations.
They upgraded to the GX4 version of Worldox Cloud in the second quarter of 2016 and have become even more enamored of the product. They appreciate the variety of ways that search results can be displayed. The text snippets are extremely helpful as are the indications of the number of instances of search terms in a given result.

With the new Follow Me Favorites feature, drop folders in Outlook are created automatically, saving attorneys time and allowing them to assimilate client emails into Worldox quickly and efficiently. The new version also made it easier to save over an existing document that had already been saved to Worldox and to change the name of a version on Save. Worldox Cloud support is very responsive and sets up new Ethical Walls at a moment’s notice.

Future Plans

The firm continues to grow, adding 8 new attorneys in the last quarter of 2015. Their agile business model and use of Cloud technology has allowed them to expand and adapt to changes in the marketplace very quickly while still providing exceptional service to their clients. Culhane Meadows continues to evaluate and identify ways in which they can service their clients more efficiently. They aim to continue disrupting the legal industry in the interest of client service.

About Heather Clauson Haughian
Ms. Haughian is a Founder and Managing Partner of Culhane Meadows. She is an international attorney with experience from both sides of the pond who counsels global clients through complex technology transactions and intellectual property matters.

Ms. Haughian’s practice is focused on complex technology and outsourcing transactions, data privacy and security-related issues as well as counseling involving the exploitation, leveraging, and transfer of intellectual property rights. Her experience is in the areas of information technology/software, insurance risk management platforms, biotechnology, financial services, transportation and logistics, and healthcare systems. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (US) through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and assists clients in connection with data breach response and mitigation activities.

Ms. Haughian has extensive experience in IT, transaction outsourcing, and large-scale software licensing deals with emphasis on SaaS business models and dealing with open source software issues. Ms. Haughian is also skilled in the areas of negotiating systems acquisitions, OEM and distribution transactions as well as performing due diligence on intellectual property portfolios and large technology platforms in the context of mergers and acquisitions. Ms. Haughian also regularly counsels her vendor clients on compliance with HIPAA/HITECH as a Business Associate processing and handling electronic protected health information (ePHI) and negotiates their business associate agreements.

By Heather Clauson Haughian, Founder & Managing Partner of Culhane Meadows and Rebecca Sattin, CIO at World Software Corporation


To deliver exceptional legal services and leverage emerging technology without the need for a larger staff or expensive infrastructure so the firm could pass this cost savings along to its clients.


Implemented Worldox Cloud so attorneys in different cities could access the firm’s cloud-based documents whether they worked from home or small rental offices using their own PCs.


Worldox Cloud provides flexibility through multiple Cabinets with unique field structures, as well as security via ethical walls. Legacy documents are also easily integrated into Worldox.

Additional Benefits:

As the firm has grown and now employs 45 attorneys in seven different cities, the scalability and agile nature of the Worldox Cloud allowed this growth to proceed seamlessly without incurring additional costs when adding new attorneys or expanding into new markets.

Worldox Cloud fits in to the firm’s agile business model and conforms with bandwidth requirements. It simplifies searches and enables attorneys to save emails and documents with ease and provides an extremely robust searching capability with a state of the art indexer.

“Culhane Meadows prides itself on using cutting edge technology to provide it clients with high quality, efficient and cost-effective service and is always looking for innovative ways to increase the quality and efficiency of our client service. We chose Worldox Cloud as a foundation of our technology platform to provide our firm with a sophisticated, robust document management system that enhances our innovative firm’s ability to provide high quality services from anywhere in a secure, fully scalable and efficient cloud environment because Worldox had and continues to have an eye for innovation and constantly provides excellent customer service.”

– Heather Clauson Haughian, Founder & Managing Partner

Plancorp’s seamless migration to Worldox Cloud with Salesforce integration results in a simple and secure transition

When document management and Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) systems are integrated, employees can find things easily and become more productive. Plancorp, a Registered Investment Advisor, transformed their systems and streamlined their business processes using Worldox Cloud and Salesforce so that their advisors could focus more on client service rather than their IT infrastructure.

The Business Challenge

Dr. Bob Tucker joined Plancorp just as they were installing a document management system 10 years ago. Because of his experience with electronic records in a prior career, he was selected to lead the implementation. That system was provided by a local company who had built their own platform. Three years later, a change in Plancorp’s IT infrastructure gave them access to SharePoint. They migrated to SharePoint in order to lower costs and because it integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Plancorp is part of a national network of wealth management firms called the Zero Alpha Group. This geographically diverse group shares their knowledge and expertise about better and more efficient ways to serve their clients. One of the member firms developed a number of helpful tools based around Salesforce. Plancorp decided to switch from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce so that they could take advantage of these resources to better serve their clients.

Around that time, Plancorp decided that they needed even more robust search capabilities than SharePoint could provide. They needed an efficient way to store different types of data (compliance, marketing and policy documents) in addition to their client documents.

In looking for a replacement product, client confidentiality and data security were of the utmost importance. For a company of their size, a Cloud-based solution would provide them with greater security and business continuity capabilities than they could achieve with an on-premises solution. Knowing their data was protected allowed them to focus more on client service. They evaluated several products before deciding that Worldox Cloud offered them the tools and security they needed. Worldox document security features include authentication, a Cabinet structure, ethical walls, file level security, group security features, audit trails, the audited ability to check files out and in, versioning, salvage bins, legal hold repositories, and automatic virus protection.

The Solution

Plancorp worked with Trumpet, Inc., a certified Worldox partner, who also provides custom workflow solutions for financial advisory firms, to implement their Worldox Cloud solution. Trumpet collaborated with Plancorp on the configuration of their Worldox Cloud environment and migrated most of their data into production client Cabinets for them. The small amount of remaining client data that did not follow specific structural or naming conventions was migrated manually by Plancorp. Meanwhile, Trumpet’s development group implemented integration with Salesforce that allowed complete access to data for clients directly from Salesforce using Worldox hyperlinks. The Worldox Cloud system also provided seamless integration with the Microsoft Office applications as well as Adobe Reader.

The Worldox Cloud system also allowed them to set up other repositories for practice management documents. With Trumpet’s help, they migrated their compliance documents, policy documents and marketing resources that are not client specific into the Worldox Cloud system.

This gradual migration of data allowed their advisors to ease into the transition to a new system so that client service would not be disrupted.

Business Benefits

The migration to Worldox Cloud exponentially increased their ability to find documents quickly. The direct integration with Salesforce provided by Trumpet gave them a single point from which to access client data and an easy transition to a new system since it was accessed through their existing CRM product. Client data became easy to find and access. Once everyone was comfortable accessing client data through Salesforce and Worldox Cloud, they transitioned additional data to the Worldox Cloud system that was accessed directly through Worldox.

This journey resulted in the implementation of a new system that increased the efficiency of Plancorp’s advisors. The ease of their transition, flexibility and expandability of Worldox Cloud in combination with the knowledge that their data is protected and safely located in a hardened data center allows them to focus on client service instead of their IT infrastructure.

Future Plans

Plancorp is currently migrating corporate documents and internal accounting files into the Worldox Cloud environment. They are happy with the way their cabinet structure is organized and the easy way in which they can access all types of files. Plancorp staff members enjoy Worldox Cloud’s scalability and performance and feel reassured by the financial compliance and strict security measures.

About Plancorp

Founded in 1983, Plancorp is registered as an Investment Advisor with the SEC. The firm oversees approximately $3.0 billion (December 31, 2015) of both individual and institutional assets. Their primary business focuses on providing financial planning services and asset management to high net worth individuals and families and to the small and mid-sized institutional market. Other services that they offer include business advisory, family office, 401(k) plan design and investment management. Their management team and support staff consist of 47 people. Plancorp has 10 shareholders and a wealth management team of 28.

Plancorp has been certified by the Center of Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) every year since 2007. They have custodial relationships with Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, and TD Ameritrade Institutional. They maintain their principal office in St. Louis County and they have a satellite office in Sarasota, Florida. Plancorp is privately held.

By Dr. Bob Tucker, Vice President, Wealth Manager, of Plancorp & Rebecca Sattin, CIO at World Software Corporation


To move data from their current system to a more robust, Cloud-based DMS with Salesforce integration, providing improved search capabilities and the ability to organize documents more efficiently and securely while adhering to financial compliance standards.


Worldox Cloud was implemented along with direct integration to Salesforce, provided by Trumpet. Worldox Cloud also provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.


Worldox Cloud exponentially increased their ability to find documents quickly. The direct integration with Salesforce provided by Trumpet gave them a single point from which to access client data. The ease of their transition, flexibility and expandability of Worldox Cloud and knowledge that their data is protected and safely located in a hardened data center allows them to focus on client service instead of their IT infrastructure.

Worldox Cloud improves efficiency through the utilization of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and cloud computing. Users can access their documents from the cloud and work from remote locations. Worldox Cloud can be quickly deployed and reduces costs since thin clients require fewer hardware components.

Worldox Cloud’s hosting provider adheres to financial compliance and auditing standards that are essential to protecting data used by financial organizations.

First‐time DMS users at Phillip Hack & Associates are reaping the benefits of Worldox Cloud

Phillip Hack & Associates had been searching for a more efficient way to organize their critical documents and accompanying emails. They were using the search feature within Windows Explorer to find documents and the process was arduous and inefficient. Since most staff members used Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Acrobat, they wanted a system that would integrate with their current applications. Many lawyers work remotely at night, on weekends and on business trips, so there was an urgent need for a remote-access solution, preferably a cloud-based one. Their IT support team, MMI Technology Consultants, Inc., recommended Worldox GX3 Cloud because they knew it fit the bill.

World Software Corporation’s Worldox document management system (DMS) was developed 25 years ago and has been steadfastly used by over 5000 companies of every size in 50 countries. Worldox GX3 Cloud was released this year to an overwhelmingly positive response. Unlike other cloud solutions, it is not browser-based. GX3 Cloud can be installed as a thin client on laptops, desktops and tablets. It is reliable and flexible though the operation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and cloud computing. It reduces costs since thin clients require fewer hardware components. As first-time DMS users, the firm was reluctant to pay an exorbitant amount of money upfront. They were satisfied with GX3 Cloud’s low monthly fee and happy to hear they wouldn’t need to purchase additional servers or other hardware.

MMI’s Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) Mike Pastore gave a demo of Worldox GX3 Cloud and the firm decided it was the perfect solution. More than 30,000 documents were migrated overnight and the implementation went smoothly. Employees were comfortable enough with the system that they were accessing their files the very next day. One staff member used Worldox at her previous firm and she was enthusiastic about using it again.

The firm has greatly benefited from Worldox’s profiling process and built-in PDF editing suite, which provides “Zero Download” technology, eliminating the need to download PDFs and enables employees to edit them directly on cloud servers. They are pleased with their recent adoption of GX3 Cloud, Worldox Customer Support and security. GX3 Cloud’s hosting provider, Rackspace®, has been assessed and holds validation for compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II), PCI DSS, and Safe Harbor, so confidential data is safe in the cloud. They are currently creating a profile group for historical cases and plan to add more than 10,000 of those files to GX3 Cloud. “In looking to take our firm to a cloud-based Document Management System that meets our needs for ease of use, quick implementation, integration with applications and cost effectiveness, we decided to use Worldox GX3 Cloud. The Worldox integrator had us up and running with DMS on day one, and with good training we are very pleased with the system. We have had a very easy time of moving our current documents into the system as we need them.”

The firm’s employees are enjoying all the benefits of the reliable Worldox GX3 Cloud. Thanks to a streamlined, simpler process, the firm’s productivity has improved now that a consistent file structure is in place. Less time is wasted since document searches are faster and more efficient. Worldox GX3 Cloud has measured up to all of their expectations of a dependable DMS.


Find an alternative to time‐consuming document searches using Microsoft Windows Explorer’s search feature.


Worldox GX3 Cloud was implemented as the first document management system (DMS) ever used by this law firm. More than 30,000 files were migrated to GX3 Cloud overnight. End users easily accessed their files and started to use the new DMS the following day.


The firm’s employees are pleased with faster searches, features such as built‐in PDF capabilities and security. They plan to move more than 10,000 historical files to Worldox GX3 Cloud, too.

How one innovative law firm pursued the elusive, “paperless office” goal … and pretty much made it happen.


With more than 30 years of legal experience, J Stanford Morse P.A. specializes in automobile accidents and wrongful death cases. Efficiency and productivity matter here. We never hesitate to implement technology solutions where there will be a quantifiable gain in those areas. We have long wanted to move to a “less paper-intensive” style of work. We already use the Needles Case Management System, and find it well suited to our litigation practice areas. Document management seemed to be the next logical step; we’re a small firm, but still have thousands upon thousands of documents, emails and scanned files.

The Plan

Our team contacted InTouch Legal, a leading document management integrator. They suggested Worldox, then demonstrated it us. Together we drew up a plan on how to apply Worldox features to improve our workflow. Right from the beginning, this software felt like a good fit with what we were trying to achieve. In January 2009, I gave the goahead. InTouch was onsite here for three days setting up the Worldox application suite.


Worldox/Needles integration: We needed tight integration of document management with Needles, so that our staff could pull up a case within Needles, and be able to with a single click access all case-related documents and emails in Worldox.

Integration with Office Scanners: InTouch suggested that we integrate Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners with Worldox to speed processing of received documents. Great idea. Now we simply insert documents to be scanned into the ADF tray and press a button. The document is scanned, OCR applied to the image (allowing for text searches in Worldox), and image corrections are applied automatically. Documents then “magically” appear on workstations as Adobe Acrobat files. Saving in Adobe also saves documents to Worldox.

Document Alerts: We also needed a way to let me know when new, scanned documents are ready for my review. InTouch found the solution in a new Worldox wdAlert module – which was still in pre-release testing. This utility searches for documents tagged for review, then prompts me to act as they are found.


It comes down to this: I wanted to simplify my life. Worldox and InTouch helped me do just that. We’ve moved away from the traditional email attachment mode, keeping everything inside the DMS now, no longer cluttering up Outlook with duplicate document attachments. I am very happy with this new system. Worldox and InTouch exceeded our expectations at each stage of the process. Worldox is the single most cost-effective purchase I have made in 30 years of practicing law. Training is minimal. Work flow capacity has increased. At the same time, overhead decreased, and the bottom line improved.


Design workflows that link firm software tools and minimize the reliance on paper documents.


Install Worldox, integrating it with Needles and Fujitsu scanners; deploy the new wdAlert Worldox utility.


A much smoother and more controlled workflow; a dramatic reduction in paper files.