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Desktop Class Legal Document Management in Your Web Browser — Plus More to Explore

Securely Work From Anywhere With Worldox Web 3.2 — Get It for Free Worldox became the leader in legal document management because of its combination of convenience, features, and security. Law firms using Worldox GX4 can extend the power of Worldox to any device at any location with the free Worldox Web 3.2 add-on. With Worldox Web 3.2, Worldox runs in any web browser with all the power of the native Windows client. Feedback from law firm leaders who steered their law firms through Covid-related policies indicated that Worldox Web 3.2 kept their productivity high even in the most challenging

The latest on legal document management software

The pandemic helped drive law firms to expand the ability for attorneys and staff to work from anywhere. This shift to working from anywhere meant that law firms needed to focus on technology solutions and new ways to automate and maximize their processes to ensure their businesses run smoothly across a combination of remote and hybrid work environments. The ability of document management systems to streamline document management across a variety of work environments enhances their ability to organize, control, and access data. Here are some things to look for when considering document management systems. Document accessibility and increased document

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Introducing Worldox Web 3.2

Technology Webinar: Introducing Worldox Web 3.2 Join Ray Zwiefelhofer, President at Worldox, for an overview of the new Worldox Web 3.2 The continued move for law firms to operate in and out of the office has necessitated digital tools that enable seamless work from anywhere, and Worldox Web 3.2 touts the same secure document management Worldox users are accustomed to while extending the power of your DMS wherever you go. Worldox Web 3.2 is scheduled for release in May and here is your chance to get a first look of the new features.   View Recording

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Worldox Teams Integration

Originally presented during ABA TECHSHOW 2021 on March 9, 2021 Join Ray Zwiefelhofer, President at Worldox, for a showcase of the new Microsoft Teams Integration for Worldox. This integration provides two-way communication between Worldox and Teams to allow easy collaboration with outside parties, making incorporating changes back into Worldox as a new version a snap.   View Recording

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Worldox Web 3

Originally presented during ABA TECHSHOW 2021 on March 10, 2021 Join Ray Zwiefelhofer for an overview of the new Worldox Web 3. Worldox Web 3, included with Worldox GX4, offers our customers even more access to the documents they need when away from the office. Robust Find, View, Check Out, Check In, Version Control, and Email commands are all available here. See how you are able to take advantage of accessing Worldox documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while still maintaining document security and compliance, at no additional cost. It’s just one of the ways we’re working to

Work from Anywhere, Securely

Like many workplaces, law firms have increasingly acknowledged the need to allow remote operations in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This massive shift to work from anywhere means firms have had to quickly make the transition from operating from an office-based environment to remote work. This situation has created the potential for increased risk to document security. More access points mean more potential for unauthorized access. Worldox understands the urgent need for legal professionals to continue to work efficiently and securely both in their offices and remotely. Our products are designed to meet and exceed that challenge, ensuring

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