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Announcing Worldox GX4 WDU18 Update

Legal professionals have spent the last year and a half adapting to the new work from anywhere reality, and to their credit, they’ve done so quite well. Given the rapid transition from an office environment to remote work, legal professionals have been quick to recognize the need for immediate adoption of digital tools that will drive their business and practice, regardless of where they find themselves working from.

Worldox has been working around the clock with our Development team to refine, optimize, and deliver the best support for your investment in Worldox software. We understand that accessing your critical documents from anywhere is critical to your success, and that’s why we’re rolling out Worldox GX4 WDU18 soon. Worldox GX4 WDU18 continues to provide excellent mobility and productivity features with enhanced features that support Microsoft Teams integration and more.

Interested in learning more about Worldox GX4 WDU18? Contact our support team to learn about this update, or call us directly at (201) 444-3290.

Worldox Supports 64-Bit Outlook

Microsoft has recently made a move to lessen their support and service for 32-bit Outlook users. Worldox has tools that support 64-bit Outlook, but you must be on the current Worldox code to utilize them. The Worldox Email Agent moves the processing of email messages from the desktop to the back end. It works with current versions of Exchange or with Exchange Online if you’ve migrated to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It comes with two new add-ins to Outlook – one 32-bit and one 64-bit.

It has many advantages including allowing people to move or copy messages from Outlook Web App or from their mobile devices. It allows your team to assign properties to existing folders in Outlook, making them Link folders. A Link folder has Worldox metadata associated with it as well as either a Copy or Move designation. When an email is dropped into one of those folders, it will be either copied or moved based on that metadata. An existing folder can be set up as a Link folder too for those who already have messages segregated into folders.

If you are on a current enough version of Worldox, you’ll find this software in the Modules folder within your Worldox program folder on your network. We highly recommend that you update to the most current version of Worldox before installing this as the update process will also provide you with the most up-to-date installers and documentation.

If you need assistance setting it up in your environment, please contact for assistance.