Month: May 2022

ProCirrus Technologies, Inc

ProCirrus is a unique cloud hosting company that specializes in professional service firms with strong compliance, security
and performance requirements. Our full service cloud primarily serves the Legal, Medical and Financial Sectors.
Our unique model manages the entire IT food chain from the workstation, through the local network and firewall, the
internet and of course our cloud servers. For the last 20 years, we have built our solution from the ground up with one
goal in mind: to cost-effectively provide big corporate IT power and security with unmatched customer service to the small

Why Cloud Computing is the Right Choice for Your Firm

For years, law firms were resistant to moving to the cloud, often citing concerns over security and maintaining client confidentiality. But the cloud brings many benefits to law firms, including increased security and better accessibility. Here are some key benefits of moving your firm to the cloud. More Robust Security One of the most significant benefits of moving operations to the cloud is that it allows for more robust security. Cloud computing enjoys an advantage of economy of scale that is difficult to match with on-site operations. This allows cloud computing operations to invest heavily in top-of-the-line infrastructure, cutting-edge security

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