Month: November 2021

Working from Home – The New Reality

Before COVID-19, most people worked in an office. Some firms had solutions in place for those who worked remotely periodically, but most people came into the office to work. That is where their files were, their phones, their colleagues, and their office staff. Then in March of 2020, everything changed very quickly… Rebecca Sattin The International Legal Technology Association recently published an article written by our own Rebecca Sattin, CIO here at Worldox. In it, Rebecca discusses some of the changes the legal industry has been experiencing since the shift to working remotely. To read the full article, please click

The Secret to Successful Hybrid Operations

Whether in court, at a meeting outside the office, or even from home, attorneys have always done at least some of their work remotely. But the rest of the staff at the firm typically worked in the office, and the majority of traditional systems and processes were designed to support the needs of on-site work by people physically in the office. With the onset of the pandemic, this in-office work model changed dramatically for most law firms, with many firms moving to fully remote models. As firms make plans to return to the office, many are making a permanent change

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Worldox VAR Roundtable Discussion

Join some of our Senior Worldox VARs for a roundtable conversation.  This week we will cover miscellaneous topics based on questions we have received from you. The Worldox team will be joined by: Frank Jones and Sandy Johnson, Legal Software Connection; Bill Baker, Charlotte Quiroz and Van Swearingen, Baker + Cadence Solutions; Rick Bernauer, Cytek Corporation; John Heckman, Heckman Consulting; John Rock and Peter Brannigan, DoxAdvisors   If you missed any of our earlier webinars in this Legal Technology Webinar Series, the recordings are available on our Webinars page. View recording  


Written as a Cloud application, the digital signature product TrueSign is light on code and integrates directly into an organization’s business process. Certified, compliant and time-stamped, TrueSign users can electronically manage signing needs with confidence while leaving zero end-user footprint. Designed with mobility in mind, eSignatures can also be applied 24/7 from any location, via mobile device (QR Code, SMS or Email). Compatible with any modern browser, TrueSign is also Video Meeting signing agnostic and is compatible with: Teams, Zoom, Skype, Goto, etc.

Are you getting the most out of your digital tools?

Technology has become an integral part of how businesses operate. Today, law firms have a host of digital tools ranging from document management to time and billing management systems. Firms have made significant investments of time and money into these tools, and these systems have become a part of their day-to-day operations and culture. But the truth is that most firms are not getting the most out of the digital tools they have in place. Whether it is not fully understanding the technology already in place and how your staff uses those tools or a lack of training infrastructure in

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Conversation with Kip Boyle, founder and vCISO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, about Cybersecurity as a Competitive Advantage

Secure data practices are a competitive differentiator for all companies, and especially for law and professional service firms. And if you are an attorney, you have a professional responsibility to protect client data under RPC 1.6c and ABA Formal Opinion 477R. And treating cyber as a business risk is the very best approach considering the nature and frequency of cyber-attacks now and for the foreseeable future. BONUS: All attendees get a free copy of Kip’s best-selling book “Fire Doesn’t Innovate: The Executive’s Practical Guide to Thriving in the Face of Evolving Cyber Risks.” Kip is a 20-year information security expert

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