Worldox Enterprise

Document Management for Multi-Office Environments.

The Enterprise version features an add-on server that makes multi-office document management easier than ever. Enterprise allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, remote offices, and out-of-office machines:

  • A redesigned network platform delivers optimized wide-area network performance.
  • A centralized server schema (dedicated Worldox server) improves remote access capabilities
  • New Indexer utilities greatly simplify maintenance and troubleshooting in multiple-indexer set-ups.

Full Featured

Best of all, Enterprise is not a limited-feature, web-based tool. It’s the familiar, easy-to use Worldox – virtually identical to Worldox Professional, our classic desktop product. No learning curve, no retraining needed.

Centralized Data for Multiple Offices

Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi-office, remote access environments. It features a patent-pending add-on server component that allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, remote offices and out-of-office machines.

Solid MS Office Integration

The Worldox Enterprise Server architecture provides access to local applications including MS Office and Third-party intergrations such as case management software. The Enterprise and Professional model can be combined as a mixed environment to fit your desired approach to accessibility.

Consistent User Interface

No usability compromises. Worldox always looks and feels the same, no matter how or where you use it. With Enterprise, that means anywhere – office, home office, on the road.

Email and Document Management Your Way

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