Worldox Enterprise

Document Management for Multi-Office Environments.

The Enterprise version features an add-on server that makes multi-office document management easier than ever. Enterprise allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, remote offices, and out-of-office machines:

  • A redesigned network platform delivers optimized wide-area network performance.
  • A centralized server schema (dedicated Worldox server) improves remote access capabilities
  • New Indexer utilities greatly simplify maintenance and troubleshooting in multiple-indexer set-ups.

Full Featured

Best of all, Enterprise is not a limited-feature, web-based tool. It’s the familiar, easy-to use Worldox – virtually identical to Worldox Professional, our classic desktop product. No learning curve, no retraining needed.

Centralized Data for Multiple Offices

Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi-office, remote access environments. It features a patent-pending add-on server component that allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops, remote offices and out-of-office machines.

Solid MS Office Integration

The Worldox Enterprise Server architecture provides access to local applications including MS Office and Third-party intergrations such as case management software. The Enterprise and Professional model can be combined as a mixed environment to fit your desired approach to accessibility.

Consistent User Interface

No usability compromises. Worldox always looks and feels the same, no matter how or where you use it. With Enterprise, that means anywhere – office, home office, on the road.

Email and Document Management Your Way

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World Software Corporation Announces Worldox Enterprise at ILTA 2012


ILTA CONFERENCE, WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 27, 2012 – At ILTA, World Software Corporation® ( announces Worldox GX3 Enterprise, its document management system (DMS) with a new architecture designed to support multi-office and remote connectivity environments ( booths#706-708). The Enterprise version includes a patent pending add-on server component that enables fast connectivity for remote offices and externally located users.

Worldox GX3 Enterprise allows centralized document storage and indexing in a firm’s data center, to provide efficient deployment to remote offices and locations. The patent pending architecture works synchronously with Microsoft published application technology. It allows lawyers and staff to utilize the full Worldox GX3 application feature set delivered to their desktops, providing seamless interaction with locally installed applications and third-party add- ons. Enterprise delivers the same functionality as GX3 Professional, and GX3 is the minimum version required before Enterprise can be added.

Other enhancements include improved Active Directory integration, enterprise index server monitoring tools, a new search engine, improved archiving tools, and many other features which make GX3 the most powerful version of Worldox to date.

Law firm Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial has been one of the beta-testers of Worldox GX3 Enterprise. Edward J. Buonopane, the firm’s Director of Information Technology, says, “Our staff is very excited about the new GX3 Enterprise. The ability to use local desktop applications while accessing the remote Worldox database has been great. The new GX3 Enterprise provides a better overall experience than the Citrix desktop they had been using.”

President Ray Zwiefelhofer comments, “Worldox GX3 Enterprise now provides the perfect choice for law firms to run Worldox needing a centralized document set and complex multi- office and remote connectivity requirements. During our beta-testing, firms indicate the technology and the software have performed extremely well, and they are pleased to have eliminated document storage and servers in their remote offices. We are now looking to our next milestone, the launch of Worldox GX3 Cloud, a pure-cloud delivery of the DMS which is planned for release in early 2013.”

About World Software Corporation

Founded in 1988 and based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, World Software Corporation is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. The company’s flagship product Worldox has an install base of over 5000 companies in 41 countries. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visit us at Follow us on Twitter @worldox.

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