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Effortless Document and Email Management

Gary Trammell

I cannot thank you enough for your help on Saturday. You went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a small customer and that is commendable! In my 19 years of computer experience, I have only seen this type of customer dedication once. Thank You!

E. Glenn Rippie

Let me say again what a wonderful product you have here. We adore it. More than that, I personally adore it, and I am a HARD SELL.

Paul Jennings

I have supported the product since 1995 and I can say that Worldox is a fantastic product and has the best customer support of any company I’ve ever dealt with, bar none!

Kathy Mayle

Worldox technical support is remarkable – certainly the best technical support I have experienced. That’s one reason I’m recommending World Software products to friends and colleagues in other law firms.

Darin Schacker

You should give your Support Tech Chris a huge pat on the back, and a large pay raise. He always come through for us no matter how trivial or major the issue and felt he should get some recognition for outstanding customer service.

Vicky Niemczycki

Your company is wonderful to work with and have always resolved any problems we have in a very timely fashion. When we have a Worldox issue, we are never down more than 10-15 minutes which is the time it usually takes for me to call you and talk to your technicians.

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