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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Worldox Connector – Konica Minolta’s integration with Worldox harnesses the full potential of the bizhub® MFP. The Worldox Connector is offered as part of the Dispatcher® Phoenix family of automated document workflow products, which allows you to take advantage of additional advanced capture and processing features. Worldox users can scan, index, process and upload their files directly into Worldox—either at the MFP or via an automated workflow.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap

Worldox now integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap personal scanners. It’s plug and play. The ScanSnap Manager utility senses Worldox and pops up a Worldox Save As window as each scan job completes. This allows for fast, easy profiling and storage of scanned files directly into the Worldox document management system.

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Attach Plus

Attach Plus™ dramatically improves the way businesses send e-mail attachments by reducing the time and complexity it takes to PDF, ZIP and/or password protect attachments. Automatically PDF your word processing files while attaching them to you e-mail. You can also zip them or password protect them with the click of a button while attaching them to your outgoing email.

Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd

inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and document management systems, which brings together tools and functionality users need to effectively manage their emails and attachments. inMailX integrates seamlessly with Worldox, and its intuitive user interface has been designed to substantially streamline and improve email management workflow.

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Workshare is a provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration applications, allowing individuals to easily create, share, and manage high-value content, on any device. Workshare enhances the efficiency of the collaborative process by enabling content owners to accurately track and compare changes to shared documents from contributors simultaneously.

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Esquire Innovations, Inc. is a leading provider of Microsoft Office integrated applications. iRedline provides Enhanced Word Document Comparison. Adds powerful tools and flexibility to native Word comparison feature. Complete Document Management System integration.

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SoftInterface develops, manufactures, and sells tools for use world wide, particularly for MS Office users. Specializing in file comparison and file conversion software we empower you to leverage the latest software technology to automate the workplace. ‘Diff Doc’ is a powerful yet easy to use file comparison utility. Use it to compare files of all types including MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, Text, HTML, XML, DOCX and more. Our document comparison utility works the way all software should — accurately, quickly, simply, and affordably.


Copitrak Scan automatically Routes jobs, Tracks, Manages and Assigns Cost associated with scanned Paper documents. Platform Independent, works with all copier/MFP manufacturers. Scan to Document Management – Compatible Worldox, the system allows users to easily route and profile jobs directly to DM systems.