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ProCirrus Technologies, Inc

ProCirrus is a unique cloud hosting company that specializes in professional service firms with strong compliance, security
and performance requirements. Our full service cloud primarily serves the Legal, Medical and Financial Sectors.
Our unique model manages the entire IT food chain from the workstation, through the local network and firewall, the
internet and of course our cloud servers. For the last 20 years, we have built our solution from the ground up with one
goal in mind: to cost-effectively provide big corporate IT power and security with unmatched customer service to the small


Written as a Cloud application, the digital signature product TrueSign is light on code and integrates directly into an organization’s business process. Certified, compliant and time-stamped, TrueSign users can electronically manage signing needs with confidence while leaving zero end-user footprint. Designed with mobility in mind, eSignatures can also be applied 24/7 from any location, via mobile device (QR Code, SMS or Email). Compatible with any modern browser, TrueSign is also Video Meeting signing agnostic and is compatible with: Teams, Zoom, Skype, Goto, etc.

Leaflet Corporation

Leaflet is an awarding-winning Document Automation Platform that allows users to draft documents faster, while still retaining all of the control required to make each document unique. Attorneys can utilize templates, answer questions, and use the Clause Library to generate dynamic agreements all within Microsoft Word. Leaflet’s integration with Worldox allows you to use all of the tools and features of Document Automation, without changing your workflows or document management practices.
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Tabush Group

Tabush Group is a leading provider of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and managed IT services, specializing in delivering technology solutions for small to midsize law firms. Take the app you love, Worldox, and move it to the cloud. Then, take everything else – your desktops, servers, applications, and files, and move it to the same cloud for a transformative cloud experience with Boxtop. Tabush Group’s cloud solution, Boxtop, enables small and midsize professional firms to securely move their IT to the cloud and get rid of their hardware hassles and unexpected costs. Tabush Group makes your IT life simpler.

Blue Car Technologies

Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector for Worldox provides seamless integration between Worldox and DocuSign, allowing documents to be signed from a single right click action with signed documents automatically returned to the document management system. Blue Car Technologies provides tailored software, DocuSign integration and support solutions to professional services organisations and specialises in the legal sector. A leader in innovative and unique products that improve day to day efficiency, Blue Car Technologies provides solutions to business problems and offer businesses savings in terms of cost and time. As a DocuSign Technology Partner, Blue Car Technologies’ product portfolio is based on

Zola Suite

Zola Suite is a robust end-to-end legal practice management solution with sophisticated case management features and complete billing, accounting (business and IOLTA) and reporting tools in one, easy-to-use platform. Offering a best-in-class Worldox integration, Zola users can seamlessly access all of their Matter and Client files, hosted with Worldox, securely in Zola Suite, eliminating the need for legal professionals to juggle multiple applications. With this synergistic solution, Zola Suite provides small and midsize firms with a single source of truth.
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