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CloudNine™ empowers legal, information technology, and business professionals with eDiscovery automation software that simplifies litigation, investigations, and audits for law firms and corporations. Every day our 1,000+ clients answer their most pressing discovery questions through a combination of innovative CloudNine software and a community of hundreds of certified service providers.  Product Information 


SPOTLIGHT by MetaJure is an easy-to-use, powerful eDiscovery tool that is ideal for small to mid-size cases, whether lawyers are preparing for litigation, beginning the due diligence for an internal investigation or business transaction, or responding to discovery. While every case requires thorough and smart analysis, not every case justifies expensive eDiscovery software. SPOTLIGHT gives users the power to quickly gather, filter, analyze, find and export the critical information they need at the right scale and price.
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MetaJure ILLUMINATE is the enterprise search product that gives lawyers and their firms the ability to efficiently locate 100% of their emails and electronic documents across their enterprise – quickly and easily. ILLUMINATE is fully integrated with Worldox, giving attorneys a seamless experience so they can realize greater value from their work product, expertise and wisdom.
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West Case Notebook

West Case Notebook is an electronic case file for saving and working with important documents, research, and transcripts. With the new integration, users can send copies of documents from Worldox into West Case Notebook with a single mouse click. Once loaded into West Case Notebook, files from Worldox can be combined with other essential case information, and organized in an easily accessible centralized electronic database.
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