Month: July 2020

Remote Solutions for Worldox: AdaptiveSky

AdaptiveSky is a super-fast, super-secure, super-charged, private cloud network that is always on and always available. The AdaptiveSky desktop provides and makes accessible all of a law firm’s legal applications and data. No matter where an attorney is or what device is being used, AdaptiveSky empowers that attorney to just work, from anywhere. In addition to the complete Office suite and professional PDF editing software, AdaptiveSky will also install, configure and integrate all of a law firm’s specialized legal applications, including billing, time management, calendaring and document management systems so that they inter-operate seamlessly. Join Gordon H. Einstein, Esq., President,

Remote Solutions for Worldox: BMC Networks, Inc.

BMC Networks is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions and managed services for law firms, including Microsoft Azure, private cloud and on-premises systems. Baker+Cadence Solutions provides industry-leading legal software implementation and training and is a Worldox Certified Reseller. Join Brian Mauch (CEO of BMC Networks) and Bill Baker (CEO of Baker+Cadence Solutions) as they discuss the multiple options available to remotely access Worldox. View Recording

How to prepare your data in Worldox for the CCPA

Your data must be searchable to comply with the CCPA, but not all of it will be easy to find. DocsCorp President and Co-Founder Dean Sappey explains how an OCR processing tool inside Worldox can help you locate the image-based files usually invisible to search.

Remote Solutions for Worldox: MindShift

MindShift. Take advantage of the advanced tools and scalable infrastructure of the public cloud. Keep control of key systems with your own private cloud. Or, do both with a custom-designed hybrid cloud. Join Michael Ubaldini, Director, Legal Services and Frank Mariello, Vice President, Legal Services and Operations Engineering as they highlight their fully outsourced hosted desktop and managed and professional services. View Recording

Remote Solutions for Worldox: Rekall Technologies

Rekall’s Private Cloud eliminates your office servers, moves your work to virtual desktops in the cloud, and allows you to work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. Join CEO Ross B. Siroti and Corinne Loveland, Rekall’s Training Consultant, as they share how Rekall can improve your security while streamlining your technology. View Recording

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