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Worldox Integration

Now, it’s easy to give your people access to their documents from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device.

Worldox Web extends the power of Worldox document management wherever your people go, whatever technology they use to access their files.

With Worldox Web, your people can:

  • Respond more quickly to client queries and new opportunities
  • Solve urgent problems
  • Move business processes forward by sharing information with colleagues and partners…get more done wherever.

A single solution for both remote PCs and portable devices

Worldox Web works seamlessly and adapts invisibly to:

  • Web-browser equipped notebooks and desktops
  • iOS® Devices
  • Android® Devices
  • Blackberry® Devices

Support is available for many more internet-ready smart phones and other devices with JavaScript support built in.

Your people can connect to Worldox Web from any Internet connection, and access the same document store they would see in the office – all without installing any new software on any of their portable devices.

mobile document sharing

Connecting from phones and handheld devices

Until now, your mobile device users have been walled off from your Worldox document stores, even if you’ve installed remote access solutions like Citrix or Windows Terminal Server. With Worldox Web, those limitations are a thing of the past. Now, when users connect from a phone or handheld device, Worldox Web recognizes that automatically, and presents a simple, scaled-down interface that can do everything they’ll want to do from the road:

  • Access, review, and forward any email or attachment – so you can solve problems and move processes forward no matter where you are, what device you’re using, or how little time you have
  • Search for files by document name, date range, comments, text, or fields
  • Instantly find Favorite Files, Bookmarks and Templates
  • Review the contents of files stored by Worldox
  • Review any file’s profile information
  • Conveniently sort and navigate even large file lists

Connecting from notebooks and other PCs

When users connect from a standard PC, they automatically access powerful, robust Web-based tools modeled closely on the Worldox product they already know how to use.

When accessed from within a Web browser running on a PC notebook or desktop, Worldox Web offers an upgraded interface that recreates much of the state-of-the-art Worldox client. Robust Find, View, Check Out, Check In, Version Control, and Email commands are all available here, designed to closely follow the standard Worldox Professional client. And, as with handheld access, users have automatic, real-time availability of Favorite Files, Bookmarks and Find Templates, direct from their Worldox desktops providing them with online document management.

Smooth integration and cost-effective operation

Worldox Web works with your existing Worldox software, and supports your existing Active Directory and Worldox security mechanisms.

We now offer two options for Worldox Web –

  • Simple Setup: proxy software installed on your existing Indexer computer.
  • No additional computer, no hardware investment.
  • Installs on your server.
  • Can be configured for access via your existing VPN.

For upgrade pricing or to learn more about what Worldox Web can do for your professionals and your organization: simply call 800-962-6360 or click here to request additional information.

For information about the free Worldox iOS App click here.

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