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Worldox Technology Webinar Series: New Microsoft Teams Integration for Worldox

Join us for a special session. Join Ray Zwiefelhofer, President at Worldox, for a showcase of the new Microsoft Teams Integration for Worldox. This integration provides two-way communication between Worldox and Teams to allow easy collaboration with outside parties, making incorporating changes back into Worldox as a new version a snap. View Recording

Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Docscorp

Get even more value from Worldox when you incorporate productivity-boosting apps from DocsCorp Join us for a Thanksgiving Social: Thankful for Technology that just works. Life can be pretty complicated, even when we aren’t in a global pandemic. This Thanksgiving, rather than sitting through product demos or technical reviews, let’s get together and be thankful for the technology that helps us do our jobs better. Join Bob Moore and Katie Kennedy from DocsCorp for this social webinar. During the hour, we’ll share a holiday drink and swap side dish recipes. We will also discuss new and existing products from DocsCorp

Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Kinnami

Kinnami – Secure your data. On any device. Anywhere. Kinnami/AmiShare provides a hyper-resilient data platform that integrates data security, data protection, and data availability to help organizations combat growing cyber threats and other disruptions to their businesses. Our platform secures data so that they can be accessed securely, efficiently, and with confidence about their integrity, everywhere. Encrypted shards are duplicated and distributed across an organization’s network of servers, endpoints and the Cloud based on administrative policies. The platform also provides audits and alerts that enable proactive management of threats. Use Cases: Secure Data Exchange, Cloud Security & Migration, Regulatory Compliance,

Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Bundledocs

Bundledocs powerful document building application effortlessly produces high quality professional briefs, reports or document bundles in minutes. Our seamless integration with Worldox uploads files directly into your brief or document bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs will take care of the rest to immediately produce a document bundle that is ready to print, save or share. Join Brian Kenneally, Chief Executive Officer at Bundledocs as he shows you how you can take documents from anywhere – your folder, case or document management system – and have Bundledocs organize them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes, instantly ready to

Worldox Technology Webinar Series: Hubshare

Hubshare is a powerful Extranet/Intranet Portal Platform that enables collaboration and secure integrated Document Management Software file sharing; it allows professionals to communicate more effectively and more efficiently with clients and colleagues. Join Greg Nicholls, Solutions Consultant, and Nancy DaCorsi, at SAI Systems Auditing – Hubshare & Binder Products Division for an overview of how it can benefit your organization. View Recording

Worldox Technology Webinar Series: DocStyle

DocStyle is an intelligent solution for creating, automating and managing Styles within Microsoft Word. Documents aren’t always received as Word files though, and all too often show up as a PDF. Legal specific PDF files can be converted cleanly by DocStyle, creating flowing Word documents ready for editing. Whether coming from PDF or working on documents within Word, Worldox integration is an integral part of our process and your success. Accessing, drafting, sharing, securing and collaborating are seamlessly made possible through our unified customer experience. In DocStyle, we created the first ever algorithmic engine for recognizing, grouping and manipulating formatting

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