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Legal MacPac

The Sackett Group, Inc.’s newest, next generation product for document editing, creating, and automation is compatible with Office 2007 and 2010 . More than a traditional template and macro package, MacPac 10 has evolved to include user, practice group, and firm-wide content creation as well as document assembly functionality. MacPac 10 integrates with most contact management, email, and DMS programs, including Worldox.


CrossWords provides a high-quality conversion from WordPerfect version 5.X and later, to Microsoft Word version 2000 and later. CrossWords is fully integrated with all the popular Document Management Systems including Worldox®


Bundledocs powerful document building application effortlessly produces high quality professional briefs, reports or document bundles in minutes. Our seamless integration with Worldox uploads files directly into your brief or document bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs will take care of the rest to immediately produce a document bundle that is ready to print, save or share.

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Trumpet Auto Filer

Auto Filer allows users to bulk file large numbers of documents into Worldox using portions of the filename, database lookups and content from the document to populate the Worldox profile. This also includes the PDF Splitter which supports the splitting of large PDF files into multiple documents.


Sony Digital Paper. Paper, perfected. Revolutionize the way you read, annotate documents and take handwritten notes with Digital Paper. Go paperless, while still enjoying easy readability of the low-glare screen and precision writing on a paper-like texture.

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Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd

inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and document management systems, which brings together tools and functionality users need to effectively manage their emails and attachments. inMailX integrates seamlessly with Worldox, and its intuitive user interface has been designed to substantially streamline and improve email management workflow.

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Legal Anywhere

Legal Anywhere® provides secure collaboration and file sharing for law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes and practice areas. Whether you need simple file sharing, deal rooms or more complex collaboration, Legal Anywhere has a solution for you that is easy to use and fast to deploy.

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