Month: June 2021

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: How to craft a good search

Discover Worldox search methods and how to craft a good search. Join some of our Senior Worldox VARs for a roundtable discussion about Worldox Searches. Learn about killer strategies for finding files fast!! Hear tips and tricks about quick searches, text searches, creating Find templates, searching from the Worldox Ribbon Bar in Word and many other time saving options to help improve efficiency. The Worldox team will be joined by: Frank Jones and Sandy Johnson, Legal Software Connection; Bill Baker, Charlotte Quiroz and Van Swearingen, Baker + Cadence Solutions; John Heckman, Heckman Consulting; Rick Bernauer, Cytek Corporation; John Rock and

Stairway to Paperless Heaven

By: Jacqueline King On a daily basis, paralegals are tasked with an endless amount of work. Remember Mount Correspondenceville? A whole chain of work mountains awaits you each day. One nervous breakdown at a time. Calendars, tasks, and deadlines, oh my! Not only do paralegals climb mountains, but we perform miracles too. Like finding that one random document with the snap of a finger. You know, that one document from opposing counsel two years ago buried in the midst of 20,000 plus documents. Now, not tomorrow. No problem! Ten years ago I would have said taking a picture of air

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