Year: 2017

MetaJure ILLUMINATE now integrated with Worldox®

Announcing full search integration with MetaJure ILLUMINATE for Worldox® Customers. MetaJure ILLUMINATE is an enterprise search product that complements traditional Document Management Systems (DMS) by enabling law firms to efficiently locate all of their documents and emails regardless of location. Rebecca Sattin, Chief Information Officer of Worldox stated, “Integrating MetaJure with Worldox provides firms with a complete compliance solution, allowing them to definitively find data stored in all their systems, including data that may be stored on local hard drives.” MetaJure ILLUMINATE takes advantage of a proprietary connector through the Worldox API to index the metadata and content stored in


MetaJure ILLUMINATE is the enterprise search product that gives lawyers and their firms the ability to efficiently locate 100% of their emails and electronic documents across their enterprise – quickly and easily. ILLUMINATE is fully integrated with Worldox, giving attorneys a seamless experience so they can realize greater value from their work product, expertise and wisdom.
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Evolution Software, LLC

NOVO Compare is a document comparison solution tailored specifically for the legal industry, delivering reliability, scalability and ease of use. With the latest release of NOVO Compare, users can access their Worldox library directly from within NOVO. Using QuickCompare™, Worldox users have direct control over automating document lookup providing open file, version, and cross platform document comparison capabilities. Additionally, NOVO Compare can be accessed from inside of Worldox using the Compare Files feature or users can simply Drag & Drop whole files into NOVO directly from Worldox.    

Turning the Conventional Law Firm Structure on Its Head

By taking a different approach to the conventional practice of law, Culhane Meadows has found ways to deliver exceptional, highly efficient client service using innovative technology combined with top-notch legal counsel, thereby creating a new business model for the legal profession. Security and Compliance Maintaining a secure environment, especially in a cloudbased operating system, is key. Culhane Meadows relies on the high level of cybersecurity offered by Worldox document management for keeping client documents safe, readily accessible, searchable and indexed for all partners at the firm to use and securely access 24/7 from any location.

Worldox Focuses on Mobility Features and Cloud Offering at ILTACON 2017

World Software Corporation®, the makers of Worldox®, will be featuring their mobility solutions at ILTACON 2017. Worldox for Office 365, first announced earlier this year, will be featured in a spotlight presentation in the Microsoft booth. Worldox Connect, the company’s sharing and collaboration platform, will also be featured at ILTACON in two Demo Room sessions.

Worldox Connect Adds Secure Document Sharing and Collaboration to Worldox

Secure document sharing with clients looks like the next big thing in legal technology thanks to more stringent ethics rules and more sophisticated clients. Ideally, moving beyond email to a more secure platform should not require your firm to overhaul its existing infrastructure and workflows — including its use of Outlook….

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