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Worldox for iOS Requirements

Worldox for iOS enables you to connect from remote locations to existing Worldox document repositories. The first pre-requisite for iOS connection is Worldox itself. You must already be a Worldox user.

The iPad and iPhone apps are free, but you need the following before you can connect:

GX4 or above must be installed and your firm must have a current maintenance agreement with Worldox, guaranteeing access to necessary program updates.

The other important component is Worldox Web. Originally designed to enable laptop and smart phone access, this companion product provides a server-based platform for remote connection providing you with online document management. Now with the iPad and iPhone apps, the possibilities for remote connection expand.

If your firm wants to use the iOS app but does not want to maintain another product, we now offer a hosted Worldox Web option.

FREE iPad and iPhone apps!
If you have questions about server names and addresses, passwords or security – or if you need to change your password – please contact the Worldox administrator at your firm.

Download Worldox for iPhone or iPad free of charge at the iTunes App Store

  • Worldox Web 3.0 or higher
  • An active maintenance agreement
  • iOS 11 or above
  • Use your network login credentials