Worldox Workflow Tools


The Workflow module allows you to create a controlled type of document routing in which files are sent to one or more users for a defined purpose. Successive actions can be based on input/decisions received from a recipient. You can specify when you need recipients to review, comment, approve, reject or rate workflow documents.

Workflow automates reviews of documents and increases productivity. You can create Workflow templates to define the types of questions to ask or actions that you want users to take and re-use them to circulate documents among your colleagues more quickly.

The Workflow module is available as an additional add-on product.

Event Notify

The Notify module is a logical extension of the Audit Trail feature in Worldox. The utility sends alerts to you in real-time whenever selected actions are achieved by selected files by some or all named users. It’s an essential add-on for security-minded managers and administrators. With Notify, admins and managers can select events for one or more files, then specify which users to track in reference to those files and events. As activity is recorded on those files and finds matches for specified events and users, Notify automatically generates emails to designated recipients.

The Notify module is included with Worldox starting with Update 14.

Event Notify

Task Reminder sets up document-related, Microsoft® Outlook-based reminders. Reminders are file-based and can include project links to Worldox files. You can send reminders to one or multiple participants and delegate document-related tasks directly from Worldox and manage them from Outlook.

Simply select the file that will be the subject of the Outlook task in the Worldox file list and choose the Task > Create option. Specify the task, due date/time, reminder date/time, and assignee and click Send. The recipient will then receive an email and be able to manage the task from Outlook’s task pane.

The Task Reminder module is included with Worldox starting with Update 14.


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