Time & Billing Connectors

Worldox Quick Client Matter Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables

Connecting you behind the scenes with the latest information from your linked time, billing and practice management systems including Elite, Juris, Omega, AcumniEW, Prolaw, PCLaw and others.

Quick Client Matter connectors enable law firms to use the same data structures for Document Management that are in use for billing and practice management. These connectors run via the Windows Scheduler, updating relevant Worldox profile tables with new or changed Client and Matter data derived from direct queries to your billing/practice management systems.

Connectors synchronize Worldox document repositories with practice management, time and billing systems. They eliminate input errors, making the entire update process invisible, automatic.

  • Installed connectors query the billing system according to your configured parameters, updating relevant Worldox profile tables directly via the Worldox API.
  • Connectors can also feed retention settings from your practice management software into Worldox tables. Use this feature (for example) to automate archiving of Worldox-managed documents relating to closed matters.
  • New and updated client/matter information is available to users with a minimum of delay.


  • Easy CSV output for table installs, rebuilds. Connectors can also be used to generate CSV files for import into Worldox via scheduled indexer events or as needed. This greatly simplifies table creation during installs and rebuilds in the event of table corruption or disaster recovery.
  • Closed matter handling: Connectors can also actively inform users and apply new rules based on changing billing/practice management data. That includes marking description fields of closed matters, to deter users from profiling new documents into closed files. The connectors can also apply document retention criteria to the codes of closed matters. Once retention rules are applied to closed matter codes, Worldox can be set up to archive documents associated with closed matters either automatically on a regular schedule or manually.

System Requirements

  • Quick Client Matter Connectors runs on Windows 7 or Windows 10. Any PC which meets the requirements for a Worldox Indexer or Client should be suitable. It can be run on existing Worldox indexer.
  • With Microsoft SQL based systems such as Elite and Juris, the necessary components for querying the databases should be included in the operating system.
  • In the case of Omega it will be necessary to install an ODBC driver if one is not already installed as part of the Omega configuration.
  • It is recommended that connectors are installed and run on the indexer PC that services relevant profile groups, to speed client updates.

Database Configuration

If the SQL database is not configured for Windows authentication, it may be necessary to create a database account with read permissions to the relevant tables.

The connection to the SQL database may be via a suitably configured DSN for direct access or by a defined ODBC link. The Omega connector only operates using an ODBC connection via the relevant driver for the CACHE database.


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