Bulk Archiving Connector

Archive Worldox documents more easily than ever

The need for Information Governance has become critical for Worldox sites as they grapple with compliance, regulatory requirements and policies. The Worldox Bulk Archiving Connector can help manage this explosion of information and extend retention policies to electronic data.

Increasingly, security and regulatory requirements are causing firms to update their paper retention policies and create electronic retention policies that match them. We estimate that as many as 50 to 75% of stored documents would meet archive criteria. Archiving them will enable the Worldox Indexer to complete updates faster, allow compliance with policies and enhance search speed.


This Connector is intended to simplify and safely archive large numbers of outdated documents based upon the following criteria:

  • A simple date; for example, all files with a modification date prior to a defined date
  • A CSV file of Profile Field values (typically Client and/or Matter) from matters that have been closed for a period of time or documents that meet retention policy criteria. (The Bulk Document Archiving Connector can be used in conjunction with Worldox Client Matter Connectors which can generate CSV files of closed matters. See Worldox Connectors for more information.)
  • A combination of the above by reading the CSV file and then only archiving those files not modified more recently than the set date.

This Bulk Document Archiving Connector is also capable of conducting continuous archiving of documents after the initial large volume archive phase has been completed.

This Connector can either move files to the archived location of the selected Profile Group or to another Profile Group that has the same structure as the source Profile Group.


  • It improves users’ searching experience as searches are faster and the resulting file lists contain more pertinent documents when there are significantly fewer documents to search through.
  • For the Worldox Administrator, it reduces Worldox Indexer initialization and update times.
  • It frees up disk space on the primary production file shares.


  • The Connector can be configured with delays between each file or folder processed to prevent potential for Indexer performance degradation.
  • The total number of files can be limited to minimize load on your production file server.
  • The Connector can optionally be configured to add profile field codes to documents that are missing them or to force profile field codes for documents to a specific value as the documents are moved.
  • The Connector has a full test mode which will generate a log of the files that would be archived if the program was run in active mode. This establishes how much disk space will become available on the production server and how much storage is required on the archive server.
  • An entry will be created in the Worldox Audit Trail for each document archived.
  • The Connector can have separate configuration files for each Cabinet.
  • Once configured, the Connector may be run from a command line and can be scheduled to occur at specific times using the Windows Scheduler.


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