Worldox Client Matter Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables.

Worldox Time and Billing Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables with client and matter information – connecting you behind the scenes with the latest information from your linked time, billing and practice management systems including Elite, Juris, Omega, AcumniEW, Prolaw, PCLaw and others.

Effortlessly scan documents directly into Worldox from a variety of supported devices.

Worldox supports numerous scanners and multi-function devices providing multiple “on-ramps” for organizing paper documents in your document management system.

Make your electronic retention policies match those for paper with the Worldox Bulk Archiving Connector.

The Bulk Archiving Connector ultimately improves the users’ experience, enabling faster and more precise searches, while securely archiving large numbers of antiquated documents. It also reduces Worldox indexer initialization and update times, as well as freeing up disk space on the primary production file servers.

Integrate Worldox with other Database Products.

Worldox and our Partners provide the interoperability required by many firms to leverage DMS data in report generation, e-Discovery and Knowledge Management. Our SQL Connector allows access to Worldox profile information for use in BI applications. The Worldox ILLUMINATE Connector allows users to search their Worldox repository as well as other locations throughout the firm simultaneously. The Worldox SPOTLIGHT Connector gives users an easy-to-use, powerful eDiscovery tool that is ideal for small to mid-size cases. CAVO eD provides a quick and efficient way to transfer DMS data into their e-Discovery platform.

Streamline your work with Worldox Workflow Tools.

Workflow, Event Notify and Task Reminder will quickly become essential components that enhance your Productivity.

Email and Document Management Your Way

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