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How one innovative law firm pursued the elusive, “paperless office” goal … and pretty much made it happen.


With more than 30 years of legal experience, J Stanford Morse P.A. specializes in automobile accidents and wrongful death cases. Efficiency and productivity matter here. We never hesitate to implement technology solutions where there will be a quantifiable gain in those areas. We have long wanted to move to a “less paper-intensive” style of work. We already use the Needles Case Management System, and find it well suited to our litigation practice areas. Document management seemed to be the next logical step; we’re a small firm, but still have thousands upon thousands of documents, emails and scanned files.

The Plan

Our team contacted InTouch Legal, a leading document management integrator. They suggested Worldox, then demonstrated it us. Together we drew up a plan on how to apply Worldox features to improve our workflow. Right from the beginning, this software felt like a good fit with what we were trying to achieve. In January 2009, I gave the goahead. InTouch was onsite here for three days setting up the Worldox application suite.


Worldox/Needles integration: We needed tight integration of document management with Needles, so that our staff could pull up a case within Needles, and be able to with a single click access all case-related documents and emails in Worldox.

Integration with Office Scanners: InTouch suggested that we integrate Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners with Worldox to speed processing of received documents. Great idea. Now we simply insert documents to be scanned into the ADF tray and press a button. The document is scanned, OCR applied to the image (allowing for text searches in Worldox), and image corrections are applied automatically. Documents then “magically” appear on workstations as Adobe Acrobat files. Saving in Adobe also saves documents to Worldox.

Document Alerts: We also needed a way to let me know when new, scanned documents are ready for my review. InTouch found the solution in a new Worldox wdAlert module – which was still in pre-release testing. This utility searches for documents tagged for review, then prompts me to act as they are found.


It comes down to this: I wanted to simplify my life. Worldox and InTouch helped me do just that. We’ve moved away from the traditional email attachment mode, keeping everything inside the DMS now, no longer cluttering up Outlook with duplicate document attachments. I am very happy with this new system. Worldox and InTouch exceeded our expectations at each stage of the process. Worldox is the single most cost-effective purchase I have made in 30 years of practicing law. Training is minimal. Work flow capacity has increased. At the same time, overhead decreased, and the bottom line improved.


Design workflows that link firm software tools and minimize the reliance on paper documents.


Install Worldox, integrating it with Needles and Fujitsu scanners; deploy the new wdAlert Worldox utility.


A much smoother and more controlled workflow; a dramatic reduction in paper files.

Legal Technology Veteran Ray Zwiefelhofer Promoted to President of World Software Corporation

Ridgewood, NJ – November 19, 2009 – World Software Corporation®, a leading provider of document management systems including Worldox® (www.worldox.com), announced today that Ray Zwiefelhofer has been promoted to President from Executive Vice President. Based at the company’s Ridgewood, NJ headquarters, Mr. Zwiefelhofer will be responsible for running all day-to-day operations of the company.

Thomas W. Burke, who co-founded World Software Corporation and has been President since its inception in 1988, will assume the more strategic and visionary role of Chairman and CEO.

Mr. Zwiefelhofer is an industry veteran, having held executive positions in legal technology firms for over twenty years. He was CEO of nQueue where he spearheaded change in the software-centric cost recovery market.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to run World Software Corporation, a company with a remarkable history of success, innovative product development and outstanding customer service,” said Zwiefelhofer. “I look forward to shaping the future of this company; the potential for growth here is exceptional.”

Mr. Burke noted that 2010 will be a year of transition for the company. He explained, “As EVP, Ray did an excellent job of managing the day-to-day operations of the company and made many positive contributions. Now that he is President, he will continue to accomplish great things and continue our dedication to creating innovative software and providing superior customer service. As I move to a more strategic role, the vision for the company and Worldox will remain intact and flourish.”

About World Software Corporation

World Software Corporation is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. World Software Corporation was founded in 1988 by Thomas W. and Kristina S. Burke and is based in Ridgewood, NJ. With a law firm install base of nearly 4000 firms, and installations in 35 countries, World Software’s flagship product Worldox is increasingly becoming the DMS of choice among law firms and legal departments. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visit us at www.worldox.com.

Worldox®, Enterprise Document Manager®, World Software Corporation®, Worldox GX® and Worldox/Web Mobile® are registered trademarks of World Software Corporation.

All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.

Baldwin: Worldox survives a tough test, succeeds where other DMS programs failed

The Decision

I didn’t know much about Worldox until earlier this year, but I certainly was familiar with Document Management Systems (DMS). In fact, we were on our second DMS implementation – an effort which so far had not been satisfactory. We did exhaustive due diligence, but the former product was not functioning consistent with our expectations.

Time for a change

We knew we had another round of (expensive) custom programming to rectify the situation, or we’d have to try something new. So I was very interested when Frank Jones (Legal Software Connection, Inc.) suggested Worldox – even more interested after the demonstration.

A Step Past Due Dilligence

Worldox looked to be exactly the kind of solution we needed. But how do you prove that a system works? First we developed an 18-point questionnaire and spoke with 12 similar firms using Worldox. All were not just pleased, but elated with this product. So far, so good. That response led to a trial run, a live, “proof-of-concept” test on site:

We converted our data, installed a test copy of Worldox and trained test users/evaluators – all in only three days. After two more days spent in structured testing, it was obvious that Worldox features did indeed match our needs. Some tweaking might be needed, but Worldox was just as powerful and useful as the other firms had claimed.

A week later, Worldox was rolled out and training completed. And that first day, our people were up and running on Worldox.

Why Worldox was the Right Choice

We needed tight integration with Juris, also with WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other applications. Ultimately, our goal is to be as paperless as possible, to simplify work flows firm-wide. These capabilities and efficiencies were only promised by the other DMS software we tried. Worldox actually delivers on that promise.

We had another critical requirement, the need to integrate a 5-digit tracking number used in our call & copy operation. Those numbers had to link to Client/Matter codes. Worldox enabled that customization seamlessly. Tracking codes are now uploaded and linked hourly, automatically, from our accounting systems. This one change alone makes a huge difference here in document-handling efficiency.

The Benefits

Where to start? First of all, there are no more lost or missing documents. Add to that an office-wide, sharable document system – a flexible database. Our Federal Court PDF filing concerns have been laid to rest … ethical walls and full security enhanced. We have in effect gained an intranet without the creation of cumbersome systems. Soon we’ll even be using Worldox Web/Mobile to create extranet client sites.

And it’s not just for client documents. Administrators can now share internal files in secure yet flexible ways. We no longer have different versions of important documents, no multiple or incomplete copies floating around. It’s safer too. Uploading files to different firm sites (401k plan admin and disaster recovery, for example) is so much easier than it used to be.

The Bottom Line:

We are making strides towards that elusive, “paperless office” goal. In the meantime, Worldox has turned our store of documents into a true “knowledge base.” This searchable repository offers new access and efficiencies to our attorneys and staff, so it’s far easier for us to provide custom solutions to client problems.

Without exception, our attorneys are extremely pleased with Worldox. This high level of attorney satisfaction is the true measure of how successful Worldox is for us.


To integrate with Juris and other essential programs and work with custom tracking codes … to move towards the elusive, “paperless law firm” goal.


Worldox chosen after extensive due diligence, evaluated in a rigorous “proof-of-concept” test, then finally installed and rolled out to users.


Less paper, simplified workflows, dramatic improvements in how we manage and circulate client and internal documents, a high level of attorney satisfaction

Announcing: Special Discounts on Worldox to BCLMA Members

Ridgewood, NJ – November 15, 2010 – World Software Corporation® (www.worldox.com) today announced a special discount program in conjunction with the British Columbia Legal Management Association (www.bclma.org).

BCLMA members can now purchase Worldox GX2 for the special price of $350.00 (USD). That’s a $45.00 savings off the regular $395.00 retail price. This offer is effective today, November 15, 2010 and runs through October of 2011.

Worldox® is the trusted document management choice for 3500+ law firms worldwide. Worldox GX2 integrates directly with major Office Suites, scanning solutions, email, accounting and productivity applications, offering unmatched email and document-handling flexibility.

GX2 is the latest version of this award- winning software. GX2 delivers several exciting new features, plus numerous changes and enhancements to make Worldox even more intuitive and easy-to-use:

  • “Worldox within Outlook” email integration
  • New ways to collaborate and share projects
  • Customizable views
  • Multiple-document previewing
  • A new, graphic interface for managing application integration
  • “Ethical wall” security options, and much more

GX2 enhancements make an already powerful document-management program even more useful.

For more information, please call (800) 962-6360, or visit www.worldox.com.

For more information about the benefits of membership with BCLMA visit the “about us” section on the BCLMA website www.bclma.org or call Jane Kennedy, BCLMA administrator at 604-988-1221

About World Software Corporation

Founded in 1988 and based in Ridgewood, NJ, World Software Corporation is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. With a law firm install base of 3500+ law firms, and installations in 41 countries, World Software’s flagship product Worldox is the 5-time winner of Law Technology News’ Gold LTN Award for Document Management and is the DMS of choice for law firms and legal departments. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visit us at www.worldox.com or e-mail sales@worldox.com. Follow Worldox on Twitter @worldox. World Software Corporation® and Worldox® are registered trademarks of World Software Corporation.

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World Software Corporation named one of top 3 technology vendors for product quality and customer support

Ridgewood, NJ, October 14, 2009 – ILTA’s 2009 Technology Survey named World Software Corporation as one of the top 3 organizations which “have done an outstanding job in terms of product quality, support and pricing during the past 12 months.” There were 455 survey respondents in all, representing 190,000 professional – including more than 88,000 attorneys.

Our customers say much the same. Every week, clients tell us how satisfied they are with Worldox support, and with Worldox itself. A few recent examples:

Worldox support is excellent! The staff is knowledgeable, personable, and clearly understands and anticipates their clients’ needs. We have used Worldox for 11 years and in that time have never been disappointed with the product or support. We would strongly recommend Worldox to any company needing document management.

Jennifer Melancon, Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere & Denegre, LLP

Worldox Technical Support is remarkable – certainly the best technical support I have experienced. That’s one reason I’m recommending World Software products to friends and colleagues in other law firms.

Kathy Mayle, Weycer, Kaplan, Pulask & Zuber, P.C.

We are deeply gratified by this recognition from ILTA, and from our customers. On behalf of the entire World Software team, we want to thank our clients for their loyalty and support.

For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, please visitwww.worldox.com.

About Worldox and World Software Corporation

World Software Corporation is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. World Software Corporation was founded in 1988 and is based in the New York Metropolitan area. With a 3500+ law firm install base, and installations in 35 countries, World Software Corporation Software’s flagship product Worldox is increasingly becoming the DMS of choice among law firms and legal departments.

Worldox®, Enterprise Document Manager®, World Software Corporation®, Worldox GX® and Worldox/Web Mobile™ are registered trademarks of World Software Corporation.

All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.


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World Software Expands Management Team

World Software Corporation® , a leading provider of document management systems, announces the arrival of Ari Mezzoiuso, who has accepted the position of Director of Operations. Ari’s role will encompass the day-to-day management of the company’s technology and support operations. Ari has worked in technology management roles over the last 15 years, supporting help desk/support operations and corporate infrastructure development.

Equitrac Further Innovates Professional Services’ Print & Cost Management with the Integration of Worldox DMS

WASHINGTON DC, ILTA – August 25, 2009 – World Software Corporation and Equitrac today announced the development of an innovative document capture solution for professional services firms. The integration brings together two best-in-class flagship products — Equitrac Professional® 5 and Worldox GX® Document Management Software (DMS) — to help law firms streamline their document scanning process, increase productivity and enhance document workflow.

World Software Debuts Worldox at ILTA Annual Conference

August 24th, 2009 – Ridgewood NJ – World Software Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise document management solutions, today announced the availability of Worldox GX2, the latest version of its award winning document management solution. Worldox GX2 advances World Software’s 20 year tradition of producing robust, full featured document management software for legal and other industries.

Why Wyche Burgess switched from Interwoven’s iManage to Worldox

The Decision

The time came to upgrade iManage 7.5 to 8.0. The question was … would this be the right move for our firm? The 8.0 upgrade would probably not be all that simple. After all, moving from 5.x to 7.5 had not been particularly easy. Application integration with iManage had turned out to be complicated, to say the least. The more we learned, the more difficult the decision became. As discovery continued, we realized that iManage 8.0 required its own SQL server. We had been running a single SQL server for our accounting, timekeeping and iManage databases. That would no longer do, as iManage 8.0 needed its own server to perform at acceptable levels. (And note, we were already running in “two-tier” mode, with documents stored on a dedicated file server.)

Time for a change?

The upgrade would amount to a re-commitment to iManage. This product had served us well, but I always had the feeling we were paying too much, and that the system was way too complex for the amount of documents handled and the number of users we had.


I added up the pricing for a new server and the necessary upgrade licensing. Then we considered the need for consulting help. I heard estimates starting at 50 hours of consulting time for the upgrade; some went for much, much more. As anticipated costs for the upgrade inched higher, we decided to see what other choices were available.

The Worldox GX Option

The LawNet (now ILTA) conference happened right around that time. At the conference, I met with World Software’s representatives. We discussed pricing and the feasibility of a migration to Worldox GX from iManage

Worldox quickly shaped up as a viable alternative. We got some opinions from other firms already using Worldox GX. The satisfaction with this product was overwhelming.

The cost picture was even more promising. Our estimates for an iManage upgrade vs. migration to Worldox included not only first-year costs, but also costs for the next 3 years of operation. In year 1, upgrade vs. migration costs were almost identical. After that, maintenance was a huge difference. Maintenance costs for GX over the following 3 years would be half what we were paying iManage – for the same number of users.

That convinced me.

I started “selling” the notion of GX migration to the partners. At first there was some skepticism, until they saw Worldox GX in action, in a web demo. It took a little convincing to persuade the user base – the fear of change factor. Nothing unusual. Then it was time to forward with migration.


It’s been a little over three years since the migration to Worldox GX. Our users have been very happy. As the sole Administrator here, I can definitely sing GX’s praises as well. Admin time needed is maybe 20% of what I spent on iManage … it just works. Would I do it again?

No. I would have have started with Worldox back in 2000 and skipped iManage altogether.


Reduce maintenance costs; select the best Document Management System for the firm.


Replaced iManage with Worldox GX.


The staff is very happy with Worldox. The cost of administration is about one-fifth of what it was with iManage.