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Worldox ILTA Roadshows 2016

Secure Valuable Content – Do You Know Where Your Content Is? Where It Goes?

Join us as we discuss how to better manage and protect your firm’s most valuable asset — information — from content leakage. A document management system (DMS) can protect and preserve your most valuable property (documents, emails, images, digital content, etc.) while enabling fast search and facilitating safe collaboration. Even better, a DMS standardizes document-related workflows.

Learn how new and innovative solutions from Worldox and integrated partners Canon, Citrix and Sony can help your firm maximize productivity and leverage its DMS investment by making digital assets easier to find and offering solutions to reduce content leakage.

See how your attorneys and staff will be enabled to work the way they want to with these solutions:

  • Worldox GX4 – Introducing an entirely new and improved experience, new features and methods for saving and accessing documents, emails and scanned images.
  • Canon Scan to Worldox – Makes it easy to scan and store valuable documents into the security of your Worldox system, transforming them into vital content; secure, searchable and available wherever you’re working.
  • Citrix ShareFile – Encrypted, web-based transfer allows your firm eliminate insecure file transfer methods; integration with Worldox simplifies legal document management and ensures secure mobile management of legal documents.
  • Sony Digital Paper – Offering new encryption capability.

Ray Zwiefelhofer, Worldox
Thomas Baker, Canon
Bill O’Boyle, Citrix ShareFile
Bill Bourke, Sony

The ILTA Roadshow is a lunch session from noon to 1:30, hosted by a local law firm.

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Upcoming schedule for 2016:

Kansas City 4/19/2016
Dallas 6/28/2016
Los Angeles 7/12/2016
San Francisco 7/13/2016
New York City 9/7/2016
Chicago 9/13/2016
Washington, DC 9/20/2016


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Worldox Enterprise supports a collaborative environment among offices of Woods & Aitken LLP while increasing performance with minimal costs and no additional end-user training.

The law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP can trace its history back to 1904 when the firm of Hall, Woods & Pound was established in Lincoln, Nebraska. The longevity of their client relationships has afforded Woods & Aitken the opportunity to emerge as a national leader in the practice of construction, telecommunications, and banking and finance law. Their commitment to service fueled their expansion from the original Lincoln, Nebraska office to establish offices in Denver, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska and Washington, DC.

The firm has been a Worldox customer since 1999. They deployed the GX3 Professional version in 2012, the year it was introduced.

Chad Mawson has been the IT Administrator at the law firm of Woods & Aitken LLP since 1998. In that time frame, the firm has more than doubled in size, expanding from a sole office in Lincoln, Nebraska to offices in Omaha, Nebraska, Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado. Prior to working for Woods & Aitken, Chad was a support technician and quality assurance tester for Software Technology, Inc., a company that specializes in legal software.

The Business Challenge

In 2004 the firm opened their Omaha office. At that time, they ran Worldox Professional over the WAN from the Lincoln office. In 2009, they opened a Denver office and three years ago, they decided to put in an MPLS network between the three offices, primarily to support voice traffic. Due to the increased cost, they reduced the amount of bandwidth to 3 mbps to Omaha and 1 mbps to Denver. They had never had servers in Omaha and planned to continue running Worldox over the MPLS connection, but complaints about latency surfaced almost immediately. For attorneys who worked periodically in the Lincoln office, the difference in speed was evident. It was up to Chad to come up with a way to support this collaborative environment and address the complaints without driving up costs.

The Solution

Chad reached out to one of his vendors, DCNC, Inc., in Denver. They suggested purchasing the Worldox Enterprise product. With its minimum bandwidth requirement of 3 mbps, Worldox Enterprise is adapted for multi- office, remote access environments. The Enterprise version provides the full- featured Worldox interface Chad’s users were accustomed to with a back-end add-on server in the Lincoln office to provide the optimum speed over their lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.

Chad was hopeful that Worldox Enterprise would be the solution to his dilemma. He compared the cost of implementing Enterprise with the cost of increasing his bandwidth to the Omaha office and decided that Worldox Enterprise would provide a greater return on his investment.

With the help of his vendor and Worldox Cloud/Enterprise support, the product was installed in a few hours. They migrated an attorney and an assistant to the new product and they were immediately impressed with the performance enhancement. No additional training was necessary since the features in the Professional product were present and unchanged in the Enterprise interface. After a painless testing period of no more than two weeks, Chad deployed Enterprise to the remainder of the Omaha office and has not looked back since. As the sole IT person for his multi-office environment, the deployment of Worldox Enterprise virtually eliminated Worldox support calls from the Omaha office. Those attorneys who have occasion to work in both the Lincoln and the Omaha offices do not notice a difference between the products.

Business Benefits

Deploying Worldox Enterprise took very little of Chad’s time and no additional end-user training was required since the user interface is virtually the same as the Worldox Professional interface. Chad was able to maintain the collaborative environment between offices with a minimal investment and lower recurring costs, resulting in a lower TCO than he would have had with other possible solutions.

Future Plans

While increased bandwidth between offices is certainly in his future, Chad plans to continue running Worldox Enterprise in his Omaha office. Once the bandwidth has been increased to the Denver office, he plans on deploying Enterprise there.

Chad is excited about implementing the upgrade to Worldox GX4 Enterprise. As his attorneys often remark, everyone wants fewer clicks to accomplish things. Its sleek new intuitive interface, Active Profiling® capability and Follow Me Favorites technology will enable his users to increase their productivity using the same reliable Worldox software they have always trusted.

By Rebecca Sattin, CIO at World Software Corporation


In an effort to reduce costs, Woods & Aitken decreased the bandwidth for the MPLS connection across three offices that used Worldox Professional. This resulted in complaints from attorneys about latency and speed.


Implemented Worldox Enterprise with a back-end add-on server in Lincoln office to provide optimum speed over the lower bandwidth MPLS connection in the Omaha office.


Successful migration to Worldox Enterprise from Worldox Professional that required no additional end-user training with minimal costs.

Additional Benefits:

The Worldox Enterprise implementation has provided more flexibility and a greater return on investment than simply increasing bandwidth to the Omaha office.

End users were immediately impressed with performance and Worldox support calls from the Omaha office were virtually eliminated.

“Worldox Enterprise gives Woods & Aitken the ability to spend less on bandwidth between locations. It also gives much more flexibility in any situation where we use a remote connection.”
– Chad Mawson, IT Administrator at Woods and Aitken LLP

The law firm of Barry Yellin safeguards documents with Worldox Cloud Backup and leverages PDF content more effectively with contentCrawler for Worldox and the Productivity Suite.

As a small two-person firm, we recognized the benefits of Worldox several years ago. Worldox is the core of our technology in our practice and serves our document management needs beautifully.

When we started discussing our needs, Laurie Odgers, of O2 Consulting Group, our Worldox consultant, recommended that we look at the offerings from Worldox. We were thrilled to learn that Worldox could provide certain add-ins to work right within our existing Worldox installation.

Barry Yellin, Counsellor at Law, recently left a larger practice that provided backup services to start a solo practice. One of the challenges that came out of the move was the need to have a solution that would provide an easy-to-manage, seamless, reliable backup for their documents and the Worldox application. Laurie recommended the Worldox Cloud Backup. We looked at the solution and it was a perfect fit. It was very affordable and it runs in the background to back up our Worldox documents and the Worldox application on a prescribed schedule. It is installed on our indexer and now we get a daily report about the status of our backup. We like the fact that we have Laurie and Worldox Technical Support to rely on if we have any issues. We hope we never need it, but the peace of mind knowing that we can restore a single file, the whole repository, and more important, any part of our Worldox program, is priceless.

Our next challenge was to find a way to leverage the ever-growing PDF content in Worldox. We, as many firms do, have an ever-growing body of PDF content, most of which is not searchable by content. Profile searches did not always yield the PDF content we were looking for. Laurie recommended that we look at contentCrawler, an offering from Worldox’s partnership with DocsCorp. Again, we acquired what we needed in a one-stop shop with this very affordable solution. Now that contentCrawler is installed, our searches for PDF content are much easier and more effective.

Our last challenge was to add a document comparison tool and to replace our existing PDF-editing tool. The Worldox Productivity Suite was recently updated to include the full, feature-rich compareDocs and pdfDocs, so this was an easy choice. The cost savings of acquiring this software via the Worldox Productivity Suite was impressive. Being a small company, we always appreciate being able to get top-shelf software at very affordable pricing. We are thrilled to have the full version of compareDocs that allows the comparison of Word to PDF and PDF to PDF files. This solution has saved us an enormous amount of time and effort when comparing a variety of types of documents. We love the clean and very intuitive interface of pdfDocs.

Worldox remains the hub of our technology. The additions of the Worldox Cloud Backup, contentCrawler and the Worldox Productivity Suite allow us to have a solid, easy-to-manage backup solution and to quickly locate all of our content in Worldox. We continue to find Worldox to be an invaluable tool. With the recent additions of the Worldox Productivity Suite, we were able to have a complete solution for document management.

By Barry Yellin, Counsellor at Law


The challenge was threefold. First, we needed to implement a reliable, easy-to-manage backup solution for Worldox. Second, we needed a better way to leverage PDF content. Third, we wanted a document comparison tool to replace an existing PDF-editing tool.


Implemented Worldox Cloud Backup, contentCrawler for Worldox and the Worldox Productivity Suite.


Solid, reliable backup solution, ability to search the content of PDF files and a feature-rich comparison tool and PDF editor.

Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Modernizes with Worldox DMS

A document management system (DMS) is the lifeblood of a law firm. If the DMS is broken, the firm really suffers. In 2009, Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C (LS&G), a full-service law firm in Fort Worth, Texas, began experiencing problems with its outdated version of DocsOpen DMS. We had bought the software in 1998 and upgraded it three times since then. However, about three years prior, the text search had stopped working. My firm poured many hours and about $10,000 into fixing the indexer and search capabilities of the software, but to no avail—the DMS was deemed unfixable.

As the Personnel Manager of the firm, it was my responsibility to research alternatives for a new DMS, while also looking into other ways to help modernize our approach to remote access, storage use and security standards. We had old equipment, and a tornado in 2007 had opened my eyes to the need for disaster recovery provisions. I worked closely with our IT consultant, Chris McLelland, when weighing all options for our specific needs.

There were many unique elements to consider when we surveyed the scope of a DMS conversion. We had 760,000 documents that had to be migrated, indexed and re-profiled efficiently. In addition, we were using WordPerfect for as our word processor and did not want to make the switch to Word. We needed a system that would integrate with and support our firm’s existing infrastructure.

Another issue was that our indexer had stopped functioning a number of years ago. Our staff had been saving documents to a single folder that swelled to contain 80,000 documents with all the same client, matter and document type information. In order for migration to be successful, these documents needed to be intelligently organized in multiple directories.

In the course of my due diligence, I looked at Worldox® from World Software Corporation® and spoke with Ion Resources, a Texas-based reseller that sold and installed their DMS. Initially, I had met Ion’s co- founder Don Lee at an ALA meeting and began speaking with him in- depth about the possibilities of implementing Worldox at LS&G. I also discussed our firm’s unique needs with him, and he had a number of solutions to our problems. In addition to the Worldox DMS, we also considered its add-on, Worldox/Web Mobile, which allowed our users to have remote access to documents from any Internet connection. Worldox had all of the features and integrations we were looking for, including support for WordPerfect documents. Don sent me a price quote for Worldox and it was the most affordable option by far. Most quotes were between $30,000-90,000 more than the Worldox figure. Worldox was a great product that was very efficient and well-priced. It integrated with everything we needed it to, including WordPerfect and our Omega time and billing software. I presented this information to the firm’s executive committee of 5 attorneys, and they agreed that Worldox was the best DMS solution, as well as the most cost- effective. We bought 31 Worldox licenses and the Worldox Omega Connector in November 2012 and purchased 5 Worldox/Web Mobile licenses in December.

Even before purchasing Worldox, LS&G had begun discussing requirements and design with the team at Ion. Three initial pilot runs were done within a week to ensure a smooth transition. Our first pilot was a test with a small subset of the documents from a single client/matter. Then Ion did two pilot runs with the entire data set. The final and actual migration run began on January 11, 2013.

In order to convert the Docs Open profiles to Worldox profiles, Jeff Taylor, Ion’s lead software developer and Worldox project manager, used Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to create SQL queries to bring over the data for our 760,000 documents and profile data faster. For the folder with 80,000 documents, Jeff used creative techniques to divide the directory into smaller groups of documents, so that the files and profiles would download to the Worldox system more quickly. All the metadata and profile information was brought over to Worldox, including the versioning. Jeff also worked closely with Rob Nagy, Professional Services Manager at Worldox, to solve any small complexities that arose.

We initially were using an old Novell server, but since it was at risk of crashing due to the machine’s age, we replaced it with a new server. Our firm now uses a virtual server running VMware to house Worldox, the documents and also the indexer.

To integrate existing products with Worldox, we used a variety of resources. Since our firm was using a very old version of Omega Software for time/billing, we worked closely with Tom Price of Entergel, a Worldox reseller who writes integration connectors with Worldox. Tom wrote unique programs to help create the integration. Tom worked with Jeff Taylor to develop custom tweaks enabling Worldox to work with existing software and to ensure that the integration process went smoothly. Ion Resources also implemented Symphony Suite from Trumpet, Inc. to streamline the process of scanning, filing and OCRing documents into Worldox.

The migration was a very ambitious project and it required a very organized approach to get the job done. Despite the firm’s complexities, everyone worked well together throughout the transition. Once all the documents were moved over to Worldox, our firm felt confident and secure with our new DMS and it was clear that we made this transition at the right time for our firm. LS&G decided to wait until after the holidays to finally cut over to the Worldox DMS. Our “live” date was January 14, 2013 and we also did our end-user training that day and the following day.

Attorneys received two hours of training and administrative staff had half-day sessions. Since they had previously worked with document management systems, there was a less of a learning curve. There were a few new Worldox features that individual staff members needed to have explained, but any minor difficulties were a matter of getting used to the product. The technology overall worked really well.

We received positive feedback from everyone at LS&G about the system. Worldox is a great product and one of the greatest assets of the system is that our firm now has a lot of flexibility. Attorneys can securely work remotely and access documents from mobile devices. It was a pleasure for us to work with Ion Resources, Ltd., Entergel, and Worldox during the entire process. Installing Worldox was truly a step in the right direction in terms of our staff and attorneys embracing new technologies. This new approach has positively enhanced our firm’s operations. In a few short weeks, we took an old, antiquated system and transformed it into a modern, efficient system that everybody uses and likes.

By Ranita Smitherman, Personnel Manager
Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C.

About the Author:

Ranita Smitherman is the Personnel Manager at Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C., a law firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Email her at rsmitherman@lawsnakard.com.


To find a reliable and affordable DMS for a law firm with critical needs for full text searching capabilities, integration with WordPerfect, disaster recovery and remote access.


Implementation of Worldox solved a number of the firm’s problems. Its add-on, Worldox/Web Mobile, allows users to have remote access to documents from any Internet connection. Worldox also provides features and integrations such as support for WordPerfect documents. It was also the most affordable DMS option. The firm saved between $30,000-$90,000 by choosing Worldox over high-priced competitors.


Worldox is valued as a great product and one of the best assets of the firm. Staff members have more flexibility and remote access, enhancing daily operations.

“We received positive feedback from everyone at LS&G about the system. Worldox is a great product and one of the greatest assets of the system is that our firm now has a lot of flexibility. Attorneys can securely work remotely and access documents from mobile devices. It was a pleasure for us to work with Ion Resources, Ltd., Entergel, and Worldox during the entire process. Installing Worldox was truly a step in the right direction in terms of our staff and attorneys embracing new technologies. This new approach has positively enhanced our firm’s operations. In a few short weeks, we took an old, antiquated system and transformed it into a modern, efficient system that everybody uses and likes.”

 – Ranita Smitherman, Personnel Manager, Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C.

Barron & Young Intellectual Property Limited simplifies review processes and enables visual document tagging with the Worldox Categories feature

The staff members of Barron & Young Intellectual Property Limited in Hong Kong had been using the Worldox document management system (DMS) for several years. They were seeking a way to annotate emails and documents with statuses that indicated, “follow-up”, “urgent”, “notes to file”, and “special instruction from client”. Charles Ho, the Principal and U.S. Patent Attorney at Barron & Young, sent an inquiry to his Worldox contact to determine the best way to denote documents with certain conditions. His request inspired the Worldox development team to make enhancements to the long-standing Libraries feature.

The legacy Libraries feature in Worldox was valued by existing customers for many years. Libraries offered folder-based file relations that assisted users with labeling certain documents to facilitate grouping files in a list. Worldox developers decided to redesign the Libraries feature and re-launch it as Categories. The Categories feature makes it possible for users to quickly identify files in a list in a visual way. Color icons and text-based descriptions offer a new way to tag and discover related files.

Users can assign Categories in a number of ways. A common way is to assign them directly from a Worldox file list by right-clicking a file under the “Categories” column header. Upon doing so, a list of categories appears where users can make their selection(s). There is also a menu option to Assign to Categories and an optional custom toolbar bar button for users who prefer those modes. Users can also specify in Worldox Preferences whether or not to assign categories during the operations of Open, Save, Move and Copy if desired. Categories are visible in file lists in the “Categories” column, which can be added if not shown by default. It can also be sorted on or filtered with the Tags tab at the bottom of the file list. Depending on the size of the column, it will always list the Category icon(s) and as much text as possible. Users can assign multiple categories to one file.

Worldox enables users to create and edit Public, Personal and Folder- based Categories. The Folder categories are the same as the old folder-based ones that were offered in the Libraries feature. These Categories are only viewed within the specified folder. Users can create Personal categories that only they can see. Public categories are used globally by all users within the organization using Worldox.

Upon learning about the new Categories feature, the IT department at Barron & Young rolled it out to users within just a few days. Staff members were quickly trained to use it and they immediately created additional useful categories. Supervisors improved their review process by marking documents and emails with categories such as “to be reviewed”, “reviewed”, “approved”, “ready to be sent” and “sent to client”.

Users of the Categories feature at Barron & Young are diverse when it comes to preferences for the types of Categories to use. Some prefer to use only existing Public or Folder-based categories, while others also employ Personal ones. One thing they all agree on is that categories provide more advantages when it comes to locating documents in a file list with a quick glance. All users have their Worldox Preferences set so that they can select a category upon opening a file. They also use the Tags tab at the bottom of the Worldox file list so they can click a Category name to display matching results in the file list.

Worldox users at Barron & Young unanimously agree that the Categories feature has streamlined the process of cataloging their documents. It’s an easy way to tag documents and emails to more easily circulate them for review and collaboration. Icons designated to categories assist with illustrating tasks and action items that have already been performed or still need to be done for certain documents and emails. Categories have been a welcome addition to the workflow at Barron & Young. They have made review processes more efficient and have met the expectations of Worldox end users throughout the firm.

Charles Ho affirms, “We find Worldox very useful and indispensable in our daily document management as it possesses the unique Categories feature. It allows us to quickly obtain the most updated status of each document and email saved in Worldox, so that we would know which ones we need to follow up with and which ones we need to handle immediately.”

By Charles Ho, Principal and U.S. Patent Attorney
Barron & Young Intellectual Property Limited


Designate important emails and documents with status types to group, find and circulate them more quickly.


Implement the Worldox Categories feature to label files with both text‐based and graphical descriptions.


The firm’s employees are quickly trained to use the Categories feature. They assign categories to files upon opening them so that they can easily identify files in lists in a visual way. Icons affiliated with Categories depict which action items are necessary for tagged documents and emails.

“We find Worldox very useful and indispensable in our daily document management as it possesses the unique Categories feature. It allows us to quickly obtain the most updated status of each document and email saved in Worldox, so that we would know which ones we need to follow up with and which ones we need to handle immediately.”

‐ Charles Ho, Principal and U.S. Patent Attorney, Barron & Young Intellectual Property Limited