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Work from Anywhere, Securely

Like many workplaces, law firms have increasingly acknowledged the need to allow remote operations in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This massive shift to work from anywhere means firms have had to quickly make the transition from operating from an office-based environment to remote work. This situation has created the potential for increased risk to document security. More access points mean more potential for unauthorized access.

Worldox understands the urgent need for legal professionals to continue to work efficiently and securely both in their offices and remotely. Our products are designed to meet and exceed that challenge, ensuring that no matter where you are working, your documents remain secure.

With Worldox Web, clients who use Enterprise and Professional Worldox can enjoy access to their documents anywhere, anytime, on any device, knowing their documents are being securely managed through our opt-out platform for saving client matters.  Here’s a recent testimonial from one of our clients using Worldox:

“Because of the ease and versatility of Worldox, our firm was able to implement a paperless initiative several years ago. One of the primary advantages to this was the ability to hire talented individuals from anywhere. They no longer needed to work in one of our physical offices. It was because of this that our transition to work from home during the pandemic was seamless. All of our files were available at our fingertips regardless of location. This would not have been successful without Worldox.”

-Dan Riggsby, IT Director at Boyd & Jenerette, P.A.

Worldox has always been passionate about providing solutions that help improve the workflow and simplify operations. This hasn’t changed during the pandemic. We have been working nonstop with our customers to identify and implement the exact solutions they need to fit their unique challenges during this time. Working from anywhere doesn’t mean accepting increased risk to document security.

Never Miss a Beat

At Worldox, our entire team is committed to providing exemplary customer service. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, that commitment has not changed. The pandemic has been disruptive across the world, with workplaces everywhere facing the transition to remote and home-based work and the challenges that transition creates.

Law offices and legal professionals are no exception. I’ve spoken to many attorneys and Partners who are adopting remote work for the first time. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of this profession work from anywhere creates unique challenges for properly handling client matters.  But with Worldox, our law firm customers are experiencing smoother transitions to remote work, whether they are using our Worldox Enterprise, Professional, or Cloud document management solutions.

In October 2019, we introduced Web 3.x, giving our customers even more access to the documents they need when they are away from the office. When the pandemic hit, Enterprise and Professional customers were able to take advantage of accessing Worldox documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while still maintaining document security and compliance, at no additional cost.  It’s just one of the ways we’re working to make the transition to remote-based work quicker and more secure for our customers. 

Marc D. Pulsifer, Esq. of Blake & Pulsifer is just one example of how easy Worldox made the transition to remote work for the firm.

We started using Worldox in 2008. It absolutely transformed our small boutique practice. The ability to quickly search, access, and collaborate on documents and projects is a huge improvement over hard-files and Microsoft file trees. WD’s seamless integration with KwikTag’s scanning solution is priceless. We are now virtually paperless and can do full word searches on every document in the system. When COVID hit and we had to transition to fully remote operations, we turned on a dime and never missed a beat. Everything was already in place. Now I just wonder why I still have this office!

Like Marc, our legal professional and law office customers never had to miss a beat when making the transition to remote operations. Worldox continues our commitment to helping small and mid-sized firms handle their documents securely, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

To learn more about our remote solutions, 

contact us via email or by phone at 201-801-3517.