Basic file management

Worldox provides file management commands which accomplish the same result as the copy, move, and delete functions available in Windows. In Worldox, though, there is more to documents than just a file name and location. So these commands typically involve profiling, to completely identify files:

       When you copy a file in Worldox, for example, it's a bit more involved than merely selecting and copying a file, then pasting it to a new location. In the Worldox copy action, you determine where and how the file is copied by filling in profile fields, and by indicating whether or not to include prior versions along with the current file.

       The same holds true for moving files. Moving in Worldox means re-profiling (possibly), as well as moving the file (and file versions if any).

       When deleting files (if the Delete command is available), you may have some new options in Worldox. Documents can be placed in Worldox Salvage Bins temporarily. You can also delete them in the usual way, or even "shred" them so that file contents are unrecoverable.

       Many Worldox commands - Copy, Move and Save As, for example - support quick profiles. These are profiling shortcuts, a way to save fully filled out or partial profile information to use later in profiling other documents. Quick profiles are a great time-saver.

Save and Save As are other essential file management actions. These commands are a bit different, as they're often initiated from outside Worldox, in other applications.

Tip:  There are many file management tools available in Worldox beyond these basic choices. For example, the Worldox Send To command lets you send files to various destinations such as PDF conversion programs, specific folders, utility programs, and more.

For a more comprehensive look at file management tools in Worldox, see these topics:


       Pull-down menus

       Right-click menus

Note:  Access to specific features in Worldox depends on your user entitlements, and on how Worldox is implemented at your site. Please check with your Worldox Administrator if you have questions.