Month: April 2021

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar: Re-examining Worldox Bookmarks

  Join some of our Senior Worldox VARs for a roundtable discussion about the use of Bookmarks. Re-examining Bookmarks. How do you set up Bookmarks? What are best practices for setting up Bookmarks. How do you determine which ones you need? Get a detailed overview the advantages and benefits of using Bookmarks. Learn how using Bookmarks can improve your workflow and productivity. Learn what tips and tricks options are available. The Worldox team will be joined by: Frank Jones and Sandy Johnson, Legal Software Connection; Bill Baker, Charlotte Quiroz and Van Swearingen, Baker + Cadence Solutions; John Heckman, Heckman Consulting;

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Information Governance

Law firms have classically been great at keeping track of paper files, but in the last 30 years the shift to electronically stored information has made information governance a major challenge. Join Rebecca Sattin, CIO of Worldox, for a briefing on why law firms should make this a priority. Also gain some tips on what to consider when migrating to the Cloud.   View Recording

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Worldox Teams Integration

Originally presented during ABA TECHSHOW 2021 on March 9, 2021 Join Ray Zwiefelhofer, President at Worldox, for a showcase of the new Microsoft Teams Integration for Worldox. This integration provides two-way communication between Worldox and Teams to allow easy collaboration with outside parties, making incorporating changes back into Worldox as a new version a snap.   View Recording

Worldox Legal Technology Webinar Series: Worldox Web 3

Originally presented during ABA TECHSHOW 2021 on March 10, 2021 Join Ray Zwiefelhofer for an overview of the new Worldox Web 3. Worldox Web 3, included with Worldox GX4, offers our customers even more access to the documents they need when away from the office. Robust Find, View, Check Out, Check In, Version Control, and Email commands are all available here. See how you are able to take advantage of accessing Worldox documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while still maintaining document security and compliance, at no additional cost. It’s just one of the ways we’re working to

The ABA & The Virtual Law Firm

A response to the recent ABA guidance on model rules, ethical tech duties to consider when working remotely. By Rebecca Sattin, CIO at Worldox. The American Bar Association published Formal Opinion 498 on March 10, 2021 which provides guidance for the virtual practice of law. They stress some of the same things they have previously such as the competence requirements of ABA Model Rule 1.1 and the confidentiality requirements of ABA Model Rule 1.6 and Formal Opinion 477R. They now go further and discuss some of the other rules that go beyond an individual lawyer working remotely to an entire

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