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Worldox integrates with top software applications to offer customers a wide range of options and maximum flexibility.

A few of our preferred partners

World Software Corporation is responsible for integrating supported operating systems and office suites. For these categories of software, World Software provides integration capabilities as standard, “out of the box” features in Worldox.

The integration of all other products listed below is the responsibility of the named vendors, except in special circumstances where the responsibility is shared. To inquire about products and categories not listed here, please contact Worldox support.

Case/Practice/Knowledge Management | Cost Recovery | Document Comparison | Email Management | PDF Conversion | Scanning Solutions | Time and Billing | Other | CRM | Digital Paper |

Auto Filer
Auto Filer allows users to bulk file large numbers of documents into Worldox using portions of the filename, database lookups and content from the document to populate the Worldox profile. This also includes the PDF Splitter which supports the splitting of large PDF files into multiple documents.

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Bundledocs powerful document building application effortlessly produces high quality professional briefs, reports or document bundles in minutes. Our seamless integration with Worldox uploads files directly into your brief or document bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs will take care of the rest to immediately produce a document bundle that is ready to print, save or share.

CrossWords provides a high-quality conversion from WordPerfect version 5.X and later, to Microsoft Word version 2000 and later. CrossWords is fully integrated with all the popular Document Management Systems including Worldox®

Legal MacPac
The Sackett Group, Inc.’s newest, next generation product for document editing, creating, and automation is compatible with Office 2007 and 2010 . More than a traditional template and macro package, MacPac 10 has evolved to include user, practice group, and firm-wide content creation as well as document assembly functionality. MacPac 10 integrates with most contact management, email, and DMS programs, including Worldox.

HotDocs allows you to transform any word processor file or PDF form into an interactive, rule-based template.

Litéra®, a provider of Collaborative Content Lifecycle Management (CCLM) solutions offers a comprehensive suite of document creation, comparison, collaboration and cleansing software that provides users with unsurpassed content confidence. Litéra’s software enables users to reduce risk and manage their documents and data with a degree of control not available through any other solution on the market. Litéra’s patented productivity applications meet the critical content management needs of today’s business professionals, including many of the world’s leading law firms and major corporations.


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iScrub is a Metadata management application for Microsoft Office and PDF. An easy to use application that protects firms from the unintentional disclosure of metadata in documents.


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iCreate ~ Smart Templates, Document Automation and Formatting. iCreate helps firms produce documents more efficiently and consistently.

DocXtools makes Word work for legal by adding key integration points between Word and the Worldox DMS. Enhance usability and extend Word functionality with comparison, upgrade to .docx and document ID functionality that is fully integrated with Worldox.

Payne Group

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PayneGroup was the first to provide a metadata removal tool. The Metadata Assistant provides a ‘hook’ to Worldox and uses Worldox interfaces and functionality so our mutual clients may clean discoverable data from files that should not be seen by anyone outside your organization.

Summit Funding Group

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Summit Funding Group provides innovative, creative and convenient lease financing alternatives that make it easy and affordable to acquire your Worldox software solution. Summit financing programs provide the law firm with several other important benefits including preserving bank credit lines, conserving precious working capital and accessing Section 179 benefits. Summit’s unique programs enable Worldox clients to finance 100% of all project costs at extremely competitive rates and with very flexible terms that create compelling ROI.

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