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Worldox integrates with top software applications to offer customers a wide range of options and maximum flexibility.

A few of our preferred partners

World Software Corporation is responsible for integrating supported operating systems and office suites. For these categories of software, World Software provides integration capabilities as standard, “out of the box” features in Worldox.

The integration of all other products listed below is the responsibility of the named vendors, except in special circumstances where the responsibility is shared. To inquire about products and categories not listed here, please contact Worldox support.

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  Product Information

Equitrac Professional® is an integrated cost recovery and print management solution that helps law firms, as well as professional firms,accurately recover billable costs and reduce printing-related expenses. Equitrac and Worldox: clients simply login to the console at the Multifunction Device (MFD) and then enter the billing information and profile fields. This enables users to scan, allocate costs, and directly file a document into the Worldox™ DMS, eliminating the multiple steps previously associated with this process.

nQueue Billback's iA provides the information to perform profitability analyses by matter, client, practice group or office to improve profitability and decision making throughout the firm by: Creating better processes and workflows. Managing firm expenses by tracking all costs automatically. Helping to understand and analyze data to enhance management decisions. Automatically process and scanned documents to users or document management systems.

Copitrak Scan automatically Routes jobs, Tracks, Manages and Assigns Cost associated with scanned Paper documents. Platform Independent, works with all copier/MFP manufacturers. Scan to Document Management - Compatible Worldox, the system allows users to easily route and profile jobs directly to DM systems.

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