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All of us at Worldox take great pride in the quality and timeliness of our technical support. We’ve worked hard to build products that require as little technical support as possible, but when you do need help, we want to make sure you get it as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Here’s how:

Self-service support options

If we’ve answered your question before, the answer may already be available in the Worldox Knowledge Base, accessible here with your Worldox User ID and Password.

Of course, there’s always the manual – and if you don’t have the most current version, you can always download a copy from the Knowledge Base.

To request your login information to the Knowledge Base email:

Getting in touch with us

Direct Worldox support is available to any customer with a current maintenance contract

You may contact Worldox Technical Support at 201-444-3290 (weekdays, between 9:00am and 7:00pm Eastern U.S. time zone). You may also email us anytime, at

Before calling us, please:

1. Call from the computer that is giving you trouble.

2. Have your Worldox license number ready.

3. If you get an error message, leave it on the screen. If this is not possible, please write down the exact error message, or capture the image on the screen. (Tip: Pressing the Print Screen button copies the image into your computer’s Clipboard. You can then paste it into a standard Windows graphics program such as Microsoft Paint, and save the file there.)

Upgrading your copy of Worldox

By maintaining your Worldox maintenance contract, you remain eligible for many no charge upgrades to the core Worldox product – including both Service Releases and entirely new versions of Worldox. The current version of Worldox is Worldox GX4.

If you are running an older version of Worldox, you may request the upgrade to Worldox GX4 by emailing

Getting information about maintenance contracts

Need to check on the status of your maintenance contract, or purchase a new one? Simply call us at 201-444-3228.

Your company is wonderful to work with and have always resolved any problems we have in a very timely fashion. When we have a Worldox issue, we are never down more than 10-15 minutes which is the time it usually takes for me to call you and talk to your technicians.

--Vicky Niemczycki, Office Manager. Peter M. Schneiderman & Associates, P.C.


You should give your Support Tech Chris a huge pat on the back, and a large pay raise. He always come through for us no matter how trivial or major the issue and felt he should get some recognition for outstanding customer service.

--Darin Schacker, Bryan & Company LLP


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