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Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp

Worldox/Web: High Performance Remote Access For Attorneys On The Go

By Christy Burke

For more than a decade, the 125-attorney Los Angeles firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp has utilized Worldox to provide document management for more than 250 users. After great success with Worldox, Mitchell Silberberg installed Worldox/Web to provide high-performance remote access for attorneys who travel frequently or worked from home. The results have been equally positive: Worldox/Web has enabled the firm to increase productivity and extend its competitive edge.

Mitchell initially selected Worldox as its Document Management System in 1997, based on its cost-effective pricing and ability to operate without complex SQL databases or the need for a separate SQL administrator.

With many lawyers traveling frequently and many needing to work from home at night or on weekends, Mitchell had the need for a high-performance remote access tool that would be easy to use and available 24/7. The firm's Technology Committee began discussing the issue and became interested in Worldox/Web. According to the MIS Director of the firm, the firm’s previous remote access solution, Citrix, required software to be available on both sides of every connection, and was not suitable for the traveling or vacationing attorney.

Partners and traveling attorneys decided to develop a web portal for the firm, using Worldox/Web.

Worldox/Web enabled remote access to documents from any Internet browser, so users could access documents from computers that didn't have Worldox software installed. Via Worldox/Web, traveling attorneys and employees who worked from home or the road would be able to view documents, search them by text or profile, check them in or out, and upload or download them.

Working closely with World Software Corporation, Mitchell customized Worldox/Web for its unique needs; World Software assisted Mitchell's system engineers in constructing its portal. Since Worldox/web's interface was pure HTML, Mitchell's technical team could tailor its screens to reflect its own color scheme and brand identity.

MIS Director Funk states, “The Worldox/web product worked really well. We had no major problems in implementation. Two issues that did come up were solved by installing Novell applications. First, we solidified the security of our documents by installing Novell's Border Manager interface, a firewall product. The other issue we encountered was that people would log in and their password would not be retained for future use. We solved this problem by installing Novell's Secret Storage product, which retains passwords once they have been authenticated.”

Since the Worldox/web Portal was introduced at the firm, between 30 and 50 attorneys have been actively using it to retrieve documents while out of the office. Dan Funk believes that the Worldox/web portal has been a great benefit to the firm, recommending it for three reasons: improved convenience for traveling attorneys; easier and more effective communication; and as a backup for other primary remote access technologies, such as Citrix.

For Mitchell, he continues, “productivity increases have been the biggest advantage. The portal we developed with Worldox/web technology allows us to stay competitive with our peer firms. Our attorneys say that the portal has resulted in a significant return on investment (ROI) since its launch last year.”

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