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Gaining Business Value

Van De Poel & Levy

Gaining real business value from imaging and scanning

Van De Poel & Levy, a leading specialist in insurance defense and construction litigation law, chose Worldox as the heart of a comprehensive imaging and scanning solution that has significantly improved staff productivity, reduced costs, and eliminated the problem of lost documents.

The firm enlisted the help of Worldox Systems Integrator Baker + Cadence Solutions to implement Worldox and set up a Worldox imaging solution, incorporating an advanced Fujitsu scanning system.

Van De Poel’s Worldox Imaging Solution revolves around one central point: a scanner with a PC hooked up to it. An additional PC is dedicated specifically for profiling documents into Worldox. A mail clerk scans all incoming mail and then profiles it into Worldox by the following day.

“With this Worldox paperless system, Van De Poel no longer needs to have a file clerk spend hours trying to find a document that has been misplaced or misfiled. The system has been so successful that one attorney has opted to for a completely ‘paperless’ office, and uses only the scanner and Worldox to store his case files,” said Virginia Balestrieri, Van De Poel Human Resource Manager.

The procedure works as follows:

  1. The staff member scans the document at the Fujitsu scanner. Adobe Acrobat Messenger, installed on the scanner, creates the digital PDF file and OCRs the document so it is text-indexable. Fast, accurate OCR is built into Messenger; OCR occurs when the document is scanned.

  2. Adobe Messenger places the scanned file into a network folder called “Scanner.”

  3. Either the staff member responsible for scanning or another user goes to a workstation, and clicks the “Scanner” Bookmark on his/her Worldox toolbar. He/she finds the document in the Scanner folder, and then profiles the document into Worldox GX, where it is stored in a Client/Matter folder. Users are expected to profile documents immediately.

Baker + Cadence also set up a backup scanner in case the main machine malfunctions: a multi-function machine with all-in-one printer, fax, copier, and scanner capabilities.

The firm also decided to create profiles for all of its electronic legacy documents in Worldox when the system was initially installed. A significant backlog of information needed to be profiled. The problem was resolved by training three staff members on profiling; these individuals could then profile documents when their other workload was light.

In Ms. Balestrieri’s words, “The scanning has achieved huge savings by preventing lost documents and reducing wasted staff time. I would recommend this complete process to any organization, and I invite anyone at anytime to visit our office for a first-hand look at the process.”

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