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Worldox GX3 Cloud is an innovative document management solution that provides the powerful features of the proven Worldox DMS, but generates even more expediency and flexibility through the utilization of Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) technology and cloud computing.

GX3 Cloud uses a patent-pending communications platform to seamlessly connect cloud servers hosting the Worldox application and all Worldox- managed documents to local applications. Users see their familiar desktops, not separate, self-contained environments. If you don’t tell them their files are in the cloud, they’d probably never know. It’s completely transparent.

Automated, frequent back-ups in our cloud servers
No on-site servers or other hardware needed.
Completely secure. Meets rigorous standards for data communication and integrity.
No up-front software purchase is required. Instead, pay a low monthly fee.
Flexible, remote access. At the office, at home, at client sites—mobility anywhere, anytime.
No hidden costs. Email management, local backup copy, client matter update automation and more, are included in the base price.
World-class technical support. Best-in-the-business, award-winning customer phone and online support are included.
Full featured PDF Editing Suite
Zero Download Technology for amazingly fast launching of large PDF files

Award-winning Document Management tools - anytime, anywhere

Worldox has long been a top DMS choice for legal and financial advisory firms, academic law departments and industrial firms too

It has a powerful feature set and a remarkably easy-to-use interface. Now the new Worldox GX3 Cloud offers those same tools via cloud deployment—quick and seamless document access for firms that choose to manage information in a remote, centralized data center model.

GX3 Cloud also includes Full featured PDF editing Application

Powerful, remarkably easy-to-use PDF editing and redaction tools.

Converts PDF files to MS Word, Excel worksheets and workbooks, PowerPoint, WordPerfect and many others.
PDF/A compliance

One-step PDF creation from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and from web pages in Internet Explorer.

Auto-detects scanned-image PDF files and converts them to editable, searchable formats. Create and send multi-file PDF packages, portfolios.

Pattern search, advanced search and indexing. Compare PDF to PDF, PDF to Word and save/track revisions.

Extraction by page range, contents, bookmarks. Bates stamping and MUCH MORE.

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