53. GX3 Named Toolbar Buttons 54. GX3 User Configurable Toolbars 55. GX3 Personalized Folder Tree Views 56. GX3 New View Buttons
57. GX3 Matter Centric View 58. GX3 Expanded My Workspaces 59. GX3 Expanded My Workspaces 60. Customizing the Word QAT for use with Worldox
61. Basics of Saving and Profiling Documents 62. Bookmarks GX3 63. Button Options at the Top Portion of the Profile Form 64. Assigning Categories to files in Worldox GX3
65. Creating and Editing Categories 66. Understanding How Versions Work in Worldox GX3 67. Tags Tab in Worldox GX3 68. Home Location in Worldox GX3
69. Worldox Preferences - Category Options 70. Searching Prior Versions in Worldox GX3 72. Editing the File Description within the Worldox Filelist 74. Selectively Deleting Remembered List Items in GX3
75. New Pinned Send to Options in GX3 76. The Process of Checking in Files 77. Changing Font Sizes in Worldox GX3