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Worldox for iOS

Enjoy the convenience of Worldox® on your iPad® or iPhone®

In addition to being able to access Worldox from an iPad, you can now also access it from an iPhone. The Worldox for iPhone app is available for the first time, and the Worldox for iPad app version 2 is now available with new features and a re-designed user interface.

Access your most essential documents while you're on the go with the Worldox app on the iPad or iPhone! These exciting new apps key features include:

  • Access to the same Worldox search forms, Favorite Files and bookmarks that exist in the desktop app
  • Access to folder trees for each profile group in the navigation panel
  • Access to Workspaces and Favorite Matters
  • Preview documents
  • Email files
  • Ability to download and edit documents
  • Use Quick Profiles with the Save As feature
  • View Worldox screens and file lists in portrait or landscape mode
  • Check in modified files
  • Profile and upload new documents into Worldox
  • Direct Access shortcuts
  • Option to copy files to Dropbox and OneDrive for easy sharing
  • Take images with device camera and save then to Worldox

Access core Worldox features from the road.

Access essential documents anytime, anywhere
from your iPad or iPhone

Preview documents easily
from your iPad or iPhone

Favorite Matters on your iPad or iPhone match the same ones recently accessed on your desktop

Familiar bookmarks and favorites are all here
The same bookmarks, familiar favorite files lists and direct access shortcuts are available so you can quickly return to often-visited lists. The most important, most useful tools from the desktop Worldox are just a touch away when you use Worldox on an iPad or iPhone.

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