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Worldox GX2 is much more than just the next update to GX. It’s a new look, a new brand identity and a big step forward in features and ease-of use for this classic document management solution. GX2 has been greatly improved, making it even easier to search for, view and manage documents:

Inside, under the hood …

GX2 loads faster and responds faster than earlier versions. New viewers enable faster previewing, with the capability of displaying .docx, .xlsx and other recently introduced file types

Notable Features and Enhancements:

A seamless integration between Worldox GX2 and Outlook

The Worldox / MS Outlook connection – already strong with drop folders and action buttons – is much stronger in GX2.

In GX2, Toggling is no longer necessary. Outlook drop folders can “port” Worldox into the right-side frame of the Outlook window. It’s an optional capability. One simple setting is all it takes to create a seamless interface – two applications in one window:

Drag-and-drop, path-tree project access (My Workspaces)

There’s something new in the left-side path tree of Worldox. My Workspaces is a new way to share projects and files, an alternate way to create and manage projects:

My WorkSpaces is different than anything else in that left-side path-tree pane:

  • It’s a configurable zone, completely under your control. Nothing appears in My WorkSpaces until you put it there.

  • You add listings in My WorkSpaces through a “subscription” process. Subscription creates “visual bookmarks” to key work items – to bookmarked folders, “sharable” profile group shortcuts and to pre-set, filtered lists (Views) available for those groups – whatever you want to see all the time and need access to quickly.

  • WorkSpaces are also powerful tools for organizing and sharing information with colleagues and team members.

The Tag Filter Tab

The Tag tab at the bottom is a “cloud tag” approach to filtering is more visual in nature, compared to other types of filter-setting.

Multiple-document previewing

The Preview now enables multiple document previewing . Preview display is completely customizable. You can set this tab to show just the middle (selected) document, or all three. This tab gives you new ways to navigate through and select items from the file list above.

And much more...

  • Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010 Suite

  • Views: An alternative to searching

  • Path tree upgrades

  • A new Favorites tab for profile field table windows

  • “Intelligent” document tab display

  • A keystroke for switching work list column sort direction

  • Ability to configure Send To right-click menu (and toolbar) access

  • Automatic word-matching in Find Files search templates

  • New text search options within Worldox Viewer windows

  • Audit trail queries are now intuitive, far easier to understand and use.

  • A Recent Projects line in My Workspaces keeps active projects visible, instantly available.

  • A new Best Fit button makes adjusting column layouts even easier.

  • An easy way to extract a file list from an audit trail query list of events

And for Worldox Administrators:

  • Ethical walls to control document access

  • An improved Group Security interface

  • A new interface for managing application integration

  • Added security to public bookmarks

  • Customizable "secondary locations" for archive and salvage files

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